Dan Rather to Host Weekly Newscast on Young Turks YouTube Channel

Dan Rather is switching up from being a TV newscaster to working with the Young Turks on their YouTube Channel as he hosts a weekly newscast. The aged but still effective newscaster left his spot on the CBS Evening News back in 2005 but he hasn’t been completely idle since that time. He’ll be making his way onto YouTube to take on news stories and analyses that some might feel don’t get enough attention and go unreported or underexposed in favor of bigger and more controversial stories that are covered by major news channels.

Rather has positioned himself with the Young Turks, which is a news and commentary program on YouTube that is currently one of the fastest growing American news companies that is quite adept in giving a new look at news and how it’s viewed among the American public. He lauds the channel for giving the kind of coverage that the American people need without the prevarication that so many other channels seem to think is that important. With the support of a man like Dan Rather you can’t help but think that this might contain a hint of truth if not more.

News channels after all have been put under a great deal of scrutiny in the past few years since some of them have taken to padding their ratings with sensationalist topics and other methods that have made them seem as though they are attempting to keep up with other channels that are far more popular for various reasons. The issue with this is that news is not always a popular thing, and therefore is more desired when it is true, unbiased, and delivered in a professional manner. Dan Rather was known for being extremely professional and bringing that quality to the news each time he was onscreen.

It could be that YouTube is attempting to step up and become the better overall TV experience in this day and age than anything that has come before it. With the capability  of being broadcast on just about any device in a person’s home it would certainly have an edge on supplanting other news services in terms of viewership and how quickly their broadcasts could be accessed. Granted with the technological advances in personal devices that are available any news cast can possibly be seen anywhere in the world but YouTube and the Young Turks are still making a bold statement by taking on Dan Rather and lengthening their stride in the media.

The deciding factor that will allow them to eventually match up to the current news stations however will be if they decide to keep their integrity and simply give the news without the layer upon layer of embellishment that so many stations have taken to calling necessary. Delivering the news is, in the eyes of the American people, something that should be given great respect and allowed to maintain a certain amount of dignity. Perhaps with Dan Rather on their side the Young Turks will remind people what that’s all about.

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