Everything We Know About Selling Sunset Season 6

Everything We Know About Selling Sunset Season 6
Everything We Know About Selling Sunset Season 6

Credit: @jasonoppenheim

Is there nothing the Oppenheim Group cannot accomplish? Twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim changed the real estate game in Southern California. They brought a chic, upscale, luxury office to Los Angeles and hired only beautiful women with a penchant for tight clothes, low necklines, high hemlines, and Louboutins. The show shares the lives of the women (and the Oppenheim brothers) selling luxury real estate to Los Angeles clients, and it also brings the heat, the drama, and a lot of backstories. Since season one, we’ve seen a television star’s husband leave her, and Christine Quinn loses all her friends. She gets married, Mary catches herself with a younger husband, and two reality stars find one another on a boat and start the love story of a lifetime. So what does Selling Sunset season 6 have to offer? Here’s everything you need to know.

There is No Release Date Yet

We want to get to the point since we know this is what fans want to know. At the moment, there is no release date for Selling Sunset Season 6. It’s coming, but Netflix made it clear that there will be a waiting period between announcing the signing of a new season and airing it. We do have good news, however. If you want to continue to watch the Oppenheim Group deliver, check out Selling The OC, which was released by Netflix in August 2022. The Oppenheim Group opened a luxury office in stunning Newport Beach, and the show has hired several new women (and a few men for once) to run the office. The drama is instantaneous, too. It’s out now, so you don’t have to wait for that one.

Everything We Know About Selling Sunset Season 6

Credit: @jasonoppenheim

Will Christine Quinn Be Back?

Though not one person has confirmed or denied her return, we feel she will not be back. She was not featured often in season five, and her few appearances were a lot of the same thing she’s been giving us from the start. However, she told the world she opened her brokerage over a year ago, so there is always a chance she is not coming back. She’s no longer with the Oppenheim Group, so no one expects to see her around. But, of course, Netflix knows a few strategic run-ins might bring big business to the new season, so we will never rule that out.

How About Heather El Moussa?

Heather Rae Young got married in season five and changed her name. She’s also changed a few things about herself, such as her body. She’s pregnant with a little boy, and she and her new husband, Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa, have been given the green light for their reality show. Will she be back? We cannot say, but we know she has a beautiful relationship with the men and women at Oppenheim Group, so we would not be surprised to see her back on the show.

Everything We Know About Selling Sunset Season 6

Credit: @jasonoppenheim

The OGs Will Be There

At the moment, we have every reason to believe we will see regulars like Mary and Chrishell Stause back on the air. However, we know that there the lovely Maya is not back. She and her husband are living in Miami following a devastating loss. Her life has been difficult lately. She was pregnant but gave birth to a stillborn baby at 38 weeks. Her family is healing. She started her own business, and she is focusing on herself. She did make the announcement on her own, and she is beyond thrilled for her Selling Sunset family, but she is still taking this time to focus on her life and her family.

Two New Faces

The OG will bring two new faces to the show, though we are not sure in what capacity. One is a good friend of Mary’s. Her name is Nicole Young. The other is one of Nick Cannon’s baby mamas and one of his girlfriends. Her name is Bri Tiesi. The two will show up in some capacity, and it seems that one of them is already doing a good job not making friends with Chrishell Stause. We don’t know which one, but Stause went on a social media rant calling someone fake and saying they want their 15 minutes of fame and camera time. She makes it clear she is not a fan of throwing people under the bus for that, and she would have been glad to help her new costar get her time on camera in a much more excellent way had she been asked.

It sounds like Selling Sunset Season 6 might be a big one. We don’t know when, but we do know where. We also know we are all looking forward to the day it is back.

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