Man Clears Snow From Driveway With Flamethrower

This man is showing that there’s more than one way to clear your driveway by using a flamethrower to take care of the accumulated snow and ice. Call me nutty, it’s been done before, but that seems like a bit of overkill really. But hey, to each their own. It’s an interesting take on how to get the job done, I would just hope that there’s enough fuel in that canister to do the whole job. If not then then it could take a while. Either way I see this kind of a job taking some hard work and determination no matter where you are. It’s all a matter of how big your driveway is and how cold it is outside really.

I do kind of wonder if this is even legal or if he cares. I would say I don’t know to the first and probably not to the second. He’s not harming anyone after and the flames aren’t spreading. I just don’t know what the law would say about using an unlicensed tool such as this, if in fact he doesn’t have any such license, if needed, to do this. It’s not the first time I’ve seen anyone use a flame thrower for an unconventional job, just the first time I’ve seen one used to clear off a driveway. Obviously it’s going to work since ice and snow do tend to melt under extreme heat. At this point I’m trying to see a negative just to balance out the article but I really can’t see one at the moment since flooding wouldn’t be an issue with that small amount of water and the driveway wouldn’t likely be too damaged unless he focused on a certain section of it for too long.

This seems like just what it is, a guy that came up with an innovative way to clear off his driveway. If he keeps the flames high enough and fans them out over the snow then it should work. I can see that he started a small fire on the asphalt, somehow, but it doesn’t appear to be getting out of control. I happen to know a few guys that would likely try this out and think that it was one of the greatest things to come out since sliced bread, but those same guys would probably end up hurting themselves somehow and making the news in some weird way as a cautionary tale describing what happens when you play with the wrong set of tools.

He seems to have it under control and quite honestly anyone that knows how to operate such a thing should be able to stay relatively safe with it. I’m sure there’s a little bit of knowledge that goes into it and a smattering engineering to make sure the device is stable and won’t simply fall apart during use. But it still seems like something that a trained professional should handle. Obviously we don’t know if the guy is a trained professional or not but as you can see he’s handling it fairly well. So no worries.

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