Are We Going To See a “Lego Masters” Season 3?

Are We Going To See a “Lego Masters” Season 3?

Lego Masters

Playing with Legos is an important part of most people’s childhood. Not only are Legos considered a fun toy, but they can also help people develop skills that can benefit them for life. The Fox series Lego Masters tapped into this. Since its debut at the beginning of 2020, Lego Masters has provided a platform for people to put their building skills to the test. During each episode, contestants go head-to-head to see who can create the best Lego structure. The winning team earns $100,000 and the title of Lego Master. During its time on the air, the show has appealed to people of all ages and there are countless people looking forward to season three. But will the show actually get a third season?  Keep reading to learn more about the future of Lego Masters.

How Does Lego Masters Work?

For those who aren’t very familiar with Lego Masters, I thought it would be helpful to give a quick break down on how the competition works. Throughout the season, teams of two compete to see who can build the best Lego Structure while staying within the theme that has been assigned to them. The teams are also timed while doing their builds. As the contestants work on their structures, they receive advice from two expert judges who work for Lego.

Once the time runs out, each structure is reviewed by the judges. The losing team is sent home (with the exception of the first week), and this format continues until there is only one team left. While there’s no doubt that all of the people on the show are working with some serious Lego skills, they are all just ‘regular’ people. Typically they have not competed in any other Lego-related competitions. Contestants are chosen for the show through an online application process. This means that anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be a Lego Master has the opportunity to give it a try. Keep in mind, however, that the process of getting chosen is very competitive so you’ll want to make sure your skills are up to par.

Will Lego Masters Be Coming Back For A Third Season?

Season two of Lego Masters is officially underway and producers have already promised that it’s going to be even more exciting than the first. One of the show’s executive producers, Anthony Dominici, told Variety that the plan was always to make season two “bigger and better”. He also added, “We just took everything and really just blew it up, sometimes literally. We have lots of hours for them to build these incredible projects and I think people are going to really be surprised and in awe of what they can come up with on the spot.” So far, most viewers would probably agree that season two is living up to the hype.

With that being said, the number of viewers for season two seems to be down a bit from last year. However, there are reasons for that that could have nothing to do with the show itself. For example, season one aired in February of 2020 and it’s a fact that people tend to watch more TV during the winter. On top of that, the entire world went into lockdown during the middle of the season, which meant that more people were at home watching TV than usual.

Season two premiered in June 2021 which was right around the time when people were starting to get out and do more things after many COVID-19 related restrictions were lifted.

Either way, plenty of viewers are hoping that season two won’t be the show’s last. Lots of fans have already started to wonder about what’s next for the show, and unfortunately the answer is still uncertain. As of now, Lego Masters has not been renewed for a third season. However, just because the announcement hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming.

If There Is A Third Season When Will It Air?

Despite not being officially renewed, the casting call for Lego Masters is still online. This suggests that producers are going ahead with the casting process so they can be prepared if/when the renewal comes. If the show does end up getting a third season, it will likely premiere some time in early 2022. Ideally, it would be great if the third season came out around February since that’s what got the series off to such a strong start during season one. In the mean time, fans will just have to sit tight and hope for the best.

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