Five Legitimate Fashion Trends That were Started by TV Shows

Five Legitimate Fashion Trends That were Started by TV Shows

Just as much as movies, if not more so, TV shows can also start fashion trends. Such trends can last longer since TV shows are typically longer than most movies and as a result can stick in the collective consciousness of humanity for longer. There have been numerous trends that have come from shows in which fashion, hairstyle, or simply the attitude while wearing something tends to make the trend all that more popular. People tend to remember TV shows in vivid detail and so long as the trend is alive on the show then it will remain alive in the public eye as well. The trend might eventually fade but it will be remembered longer than a movie.

Just like the movies though there are some that aren’t missed all that much.

5. Miami Vice

Okay so the 80’s weren’t all that great. Every guy wanted to be Don Johnson but some settled for just dressing like him. It was still a ridiculous fashion since let’s be honest, wearing white is like screaming to any dirt nearby ‘Here I am!’. Plus the whole attitude of the character from Miami Vice was just too much for a lot of guys to live up to, so it was with a glad heart that this trend went out of style save for retro nights.

4. Blossom

The clothes were obviously a part of the fashion trend but the long dress and the hat were two of the biggest pieces. You could see just about every woman wearing the hat since it as the ‘in’ thing for young girls to be wearing. Of course older women had to get in on it as well, though it didn’t always help those that wore it to look young and carefree as they wanted to. The hat can still be seen from time to time but thankfully the trend died down after a while.

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It seems like every other woman on the planet had the short version of Rachel’s haircut at one time. It didn’t matter what color their hair was they wanted that style because they’d seen it on TV and loved it. Monica and Phoebe kind of got left out in the cold when it came to setting a trend, but Rachel was everyone’s favorite for a very long time. Strange though, she was perhaps the most hopeless character on the show.

2. Gossip Girl

There were times when it seemed like this show was about nothing BUT fashion. Seriously, the outfits they went through and the number of things they tried on seem to have no end and the wardrobe budget must have been insane. I wonder just how many outfit changes they went through per episode. I’m sure I don’t want to know.

1. Dynasty

Anyone remember those insanely big shoulder pads? Now does anyone else remember their moms, aunts, or anyone else they knew donning the ridiculous things and constantly shifting them to get them to sit right? Thank you Joan Collins, you were a fashionable lady but the shoulder pads were just a bit much.

You can still see some of these fads as people tend to hang onto them.

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