Five Things To Suggest “Mexico Life” Isn’t Accurate

The new series “Mexico Life” is another HGTV reality show that offers a look into the process of purchasing a home in the country. The show is popular among people who wish that they could own property in Mexico and who want to learn more about the possibilities. Even though this spinoff is a hit series, there are quite a few things that make us wonder how accurate or real the show really is. Here are five things that suggest the show does not accurately represent the processes or realities involved with purchasing a home in Mexico.

1. The show is more about the stories than it is living in Mexico

Although the show is represented as being an educational tool for learning how middle income families can buy a home in Mexico, this isn’t the real focus. “Mexico Life” is all about the entertainment aspect and the stories of the people chosen to appear than it is about teaching people how they can own a home in Mexico. Applicants are carefully screened and only those who have an interesting story are chosen to appear. While we understand that there must be a certain element of entertainment about each episode, this takes much of the focus off the process and places it on the prospective buyers.

2. The deals are already made prior to filming

Before couples who go out with the realtors and look at different properties even appear for filming, they have already cut the deal to purchase their properties. This means that it’s not really a reality show, but rather a recreation of the process, scripted and doctored for presentation to the cameras. This takes much of the reality aspect out of it because it amounts to a staged production that involves acting and pretending to be interested in a property. This is a bit misleading and although it’s understandable, it doesn’t accurately represent reality. There are times when the scenes must be redone because it’s difficult for the buyers to remember their lines so the show is not entirely as represented.

3. Portrayal of the laid back lifestyle doesn’t accurately describe the cultural differences

Life in Mexico is not entirely as represented on the show “Mexico Life.” An example of this inconsistency is that the show promotes moving to Mexico for a more laid back way of life, but what they don’t tell you is that the locals have their own way of doing things. While in the United States, you expect the service on your food orders to be done quickly and efficiently. When you go to a restaurant in Mexico, you are more likely to have a longer wait than you are accustomed to. Since this is a part of the culture it is what people are used to in order to get an amazing and freshly prepared meal, but coming from the fast pace of the United States fast food mentality, it may be difficult to adjust to this new way of life.

4. Realtors are not helping people to find their dream homes

The show asserts that the people who are appearing are in search of the ideal dream home that is within their budget in Mexico. The realtors are as much actors as the people who are appearing on the show and pretending to look for a home. Why would you need a realtor to show you homes if you’ve already signed the contract for the house you’re going to buy? What they don’t tell you is that the deal has already been sewn up so everyone you see is pretending. When re-enacting the search process a lot is lost because of the amount of time that has passed and we’re not getting all of the details that we would if the scenes were more authentic and not staged.

5. Not just anyone can be the net client of “Mexico Life”

Of course there are certain criteria that must be met to qualify for appearing on the show which include having the financial means to purchase a home, but there are a few other things that the general public is not informed about. If you don’t have an interesting story, then you’re not going to be chosen for the show. If you aren’t willing to make arrangements to close the deal on a property in Mexico prior to filming then you will not be selected for the show. Other people who have made their appearances have shared with friends and family that they were shown properties that they were not even interested in for the sake of the cameras. It’s more about the ratings and this means that the show really doesn’t accurately represent much.

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