Stan Lee is Going To Raise Money For Hurricane Irma Relief

It’s always nice to see the celebrities, who have so much, stand up and try to make a difference. Stan Lee is after all one of the most prominent faces in entertainment today and is worth a great deal of money so it’s easy to assume that he could donate quite a bit. His attempt to help with the fallout of Hurricane Irma is just another reason why he’s seen as such a great guy. What he’s doing for the effort might send some comic book enthusiasts up the wall when they actually think about it, but to be honest it’s something that we could all stand to do at times. Stan Lee is going to be giving up a few of the things he holds dear to help with the hurricane relief effort.

Lee will be auctioning off pieces from his personal collection, items that many collectors would no doubt love to get their hands on and would surely pay a handsome price for. On top of this is the real prize, a chance to have a sit-down dinner with Lee for one lucky fan. To many fans that alone seems like it would be worth a great deal, since the chance to talk to the icon that is largely responsible for the MCU would be a once in a lifetime treat that no self-respecting comic book lover could pass up. It would be an honor to meet a man like Stan Lee and in the spirit of donating to those that were affected by Hurricane Irma it would be even more worth it.

In some sense there are those that would see this as just another ploy to get attention and possibly put Lee in the spotlight once more to show that he’s a philanthropist and actually does ‘care’ about people. The unfortunate part is that this level of doubt is very real and stems from the fact that some celebrities only seem to champion causes that would make them look good. But the offer from Lee is very real and it’s very much a chance for people to make a difference and help out for a good cause. The payoff for it seems too good to be true, at least for the lucky fan that wins, but the idea of giving back while rewarding people for their effort is still something that falls under heavy criticism.

Instead of shining a negative spotlight on this however the idea is that Stan Lee is trying to do his part to help those that had to suffer throughout horrendous devastation of Irma and still connect with his fans. The proceeds that will be gained from the auctioning of his memorabilia will be going directly to Irma, and at this point the estimated amount that is being expected is around $20,000. It’s more than a drop in the bucket but it’s obviously not enough. However, it is still a kind and useful gesture that shouldn’t be seen as anything but another human trying to help those that desperately need aid.


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