Who Were The Five Founding Teen Titans?

Who Were The Five Founding Teen Titans?

credit: Teen Titans

Some old but good cartoons that we grew up watching included main characters in sets of odd numbers. For example, PowerPuff Girls had a gang of three – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Ed, Edd, and Eddy had, well, Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Groups of five were also common, like in Scooby Doo, where viewers usually saw the five members of Mystery Inc., namely, Daphne, Velma, Freddy, Shaggy, and Scooby. Little Einsteins also featured a group of five!

It was a common trope for cartoons back then to include gangs of an odd number of members for balance and indivisibility. Today, we will be looking back to yet another famous group of five, namely the Teen Titans. They were from an animated series released in 2003 by Warner Bros. Animation.

The five were known as some teenagers with mystical, magical, and supernatural abilities that were out of the regular capabilities of a common person. Their adventures often involved fighting off criminals by using the powers that they had. The show’s opening spiels featured their home, or their tower, which took the shape of the uppercase letter T, inspired by the first letters of their group’s acronym.

Below, we will get to know again the five Teen Titans (or, should I say, the five founding members of the Teen Titans). We hope you still remember them after the show went off-air in 2006.

1. Robin

Richard “Dick” Grayson was the de facto leader of the Teen Titans. He wasn’t usually seen without his costume, and his physical description would almost always depend on what his costume was. By default, he wore green tights and a red shirt with a gold and black collar with the letter R written on the left side of his chest.

Born to a family of circus acrobats, Robin began his life as a simple human with no powers. However, after having himself trained in the ways of Batman, he obtained superhuman abilities. He could lift objects heavier than him and perform melee combat.

Who Were The Five Founding Teen Titans?

credit: Teen Titans

2. Starfire

Originally named Koriand’r, she was a princess that came from an alien race. Her race, the Tamaraneans, were very emotional beings that used the power of their feelings to further amplify their abilities. This explained why Starfire was a very volatile being in terms of emotions once she was on Earth. Also, they could learn a language through lip contact; hence, Robin kissed him so that she would be able to speak English. She also became Robin’s girlfriend.

Physically, she appeared as a tall girl with all-purple outfits such as a crop top, mini-skirt, and jumper. She had long red hair and green eyes with tiny eyebrows.

3. Raven

She was the most powerful member of the Teen Titans in a non-physical way. She possessed telepathic powers thanks to her being a descendant of a powerful inter-dimensional demon. She could be more powerful from her unleashed emotions and can use magic incantations to her advantage.

In the show, she appeared as a short woman with grayish skin in a blue cloak. Her cloak often gave her this “mysterious” vibe. Her cloak could be closed by some brooch-like circular articles of jewelry on it. She would also appear with her hood covering almost half her face before a battle, indicating a much more focused and daunting personality fitting for battle.

Who Were The Five Founding Teen Titans?

credit: Teen Titans

4. Cyborg

Cyborg is half robot and half man. Oh, wait, let’s change that. Three-quarters robot and one-quarter man. His body was almost robotic, except for three-quarters of his head. Through his head, the viewers could see his skin color, which was brown. One of his eyes was authentically biological, while the other one was a red sensor, similar to that red light in a CCTV camera.

Being a robot, it was his specialty to use physical strength as his forte. Thanks to his robotic form, he was able to sustain a superhuman amount of strength and endurance. His being quite robotic also made him immune to psychic attacks.

5. Beast Boy

Beast Boy was once a regular boy, but one fateful day, he got bit by a rabid monkey which caused him to turn green and become beastlike in appearance. Being somewhat of a beast, he had somewhat low intelligence.

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