Here’s What Happens When you Fill a Car’s Gas Tank with Coca Cola

Here’s What Happens When you Fill a Car’s Gas Tank with Coca Cola

There must be a select group of people that sit around and think of thins like what might happen if you put 2 liters of Coca Cola in the gas tank of a car. I don’t know any such individuals, thankfully, but these burning questions usuallys seem to take root in the minds of those that don’t mind totaling their vehicles in order to show people just what happens when you make moronic choices such as this. My only thought at this point is that the guys making the film must have an abundance of money to make this kind of point so that people can follow.

A lot of us know what sugar does to a gas tank if we just toss it in, but this is a little different. There is sugar in Coca Cola after all, but there’s a lot more than just that. The chemical composition of the drink when mixed with the gasoline in a car seems like it might turn the whole mess into a caustic sludge that would inevitably clog up an engine like nothing else possibly could. The idea of throwing that all together is something that most car owners would cringe at since the damage to the car would be extensive and would require a full-on flush of the intakes and possible work on the engine that could be more than the car is worth. In this case it was as the cost went soaring past the worth of the car and probably would have kept going.

On one hand we can probably thank these guys for doing this so that the rest of us wouldn’t ever be tempted to use soda as fuel. On the other, who in the world would do this on purpose? Honestly, when you have a Coke in one hand and a phone ready to dial AAA in the other, why in the world would you ever think that you could coast into town on a little bit of soda? I’m not sure how these guys came up with this question but obviously it’s something they think about often since they came up with the idea and the video. To each their own and all that but this seems like a good waste of a decent car in the name of curiosity and nothing else.

The fact that you could hear the effects of the soda as it was entering the engine gives you a rough idea of what would be happening inside as the Coke starts to run along the various components and do its things. According to a few mechanics just a little Coke wouldn’t be enough to reach the engine and do any damage, but keep in mind these guys unloaded a two-liter bottle of the stuff into the engine in order to see what it would do. Two liters vs. however many gallons of fuel the car needs to run still seems like it’s not enough to cause a problem, but obviously it did something to jack it up.

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