Easter Eggs You Missed in Season 1 of Stranger Things

Easter Eggs You Missed in Season 1 of Stranger Things

It’s hard to believe that there’s anything else we might have missed in the first season of Stranger Things but there are still Easter eggs being found that are still worth noting. Whether you think they’re that important or not is really subjective but if you take a look you’ll find that the show is steeped in pop culture lore from a couple of decades in ways that you didn’t seem to notice before. Of course it’s kind of hard to notice when you’re doing the best you can just trying to keep up with the story and everything that’s happening all at once. In any case here are some Easter eggs you might have still missed.

X-Men issue 134-Dark Phoenix appearance

When Will and Dustin decide to race down the street Will ultimately wins and yells out just what he’ll accept as his prize for beating Dustin. X-Men issue 134 is when the team’s second most powerful telepath and resident telekinetic, Jean Grey, becomes the Dark Phoenix. Now as anyone who knows the comics understands this was a big turning point for the X-Men, as the Dark Phoenix is one of the most destructive forces in the MCU. The appearance of Eleven, another notably powerful individual, could also be seen as a correlation to this.

Aliens references

Take a look at the Demogorgon’s head and try to tell me that it’s not in any way shaped like a face-hugger from the Alien franchise. The form and action is quite similar, though it tends to capture its prey and entomb them in the sticky secretions that are very similar to those found in Aliens. Also, when Joy and Hopper find Will they are forced to yank a serpent-like creature from his mouth, the same creature that obviously implanted Will with the slug-like critter that he vomited up at the end of the final episode.

Altered States references

Much like Altered States, Eleven is put into a sensory deprivation chamber against her will and by her choice to try and hone her telepathic abilities, or in other words attain a higher level of consciousness. While her immersion is carried out for far different reasons than those in the film, the idea is still roughly the same.

The Goonies references

There’s one scene in the entire season that is so definitively similar to an amusing scene in the Goonies that needs to be mentioned. When the entire group in The Goonies is under the restaurant Chunk discovers a freezer filled with ice cream…and a dead body. Thankfully for Dustin and Lucas all they find is milk and pudding, but Dustin’s reaction is kind of along the same line as Chunk’s, only he’s more content to badmouth the lunch lady while stuffing as many pudding containers into his arms as possible.

If the first season has this many Easter eggs you can just imagine that the next season will have just as many if not more. It’s kind of amusing to pick them out one by one and see just how many the director decided to include.

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