Do You Believe This New Parks and Recreation Theory about Leslie Knope?

Do You Believe This New Parks and Recreation Theory about Leslie Knope?

Do You Believe This New Parks and Recreation Theory about Leslie Knope?

There are some shows that continue to remain a major part of pop culture even after they are no longer on the air. Parks and Recreation is one of those shows. During its time on the air, the series became well-liked by fans and highly respected by critics. The series, which aired from 2009 to 2015, centered around a woman named Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) who worked in the parks and rec department in a fictional town in Indiana. Leslie proved to be a very interesting character, and she had lots of unique quirks that made her fun to watch. However, there’s a fan theory about Leslie that might change everything many fans thought they knew about her. Keep reading to learn all about the Parks and Recreation theory about Leslie Knope.

Who Was Leslie Knope?

Before we talk about Leslie’s theory, I thought it would be a good idea to provide some overall context on the character. After all, it has been more than five years since Parks and Recreation ended, some people may have forgotten some of the details. As mentioned earlier, Leslie was a parks and rec employee. On the surface, this may not seem very interesting, but the character had plenty of traits that made her entertaining to watch. For starters, Leslie was an overachiever which meant that she took her job very seriously. Leslie was also a very positive person who always did everything she could to help the community. She was well-known for seeing the bright side even in the darkest situations, but this didn’t always work out well for her. Despite the fact that her intentions were always good, Leslie’s plans often took turns that she didn’t expect. In addition to her job, Leslie also had an interest in politics and had aspirations of having a political career. Amy Poehler received lots of attention for her portrayal of Leslie and she even won a Golden Globe Award.

The Fan Theory About Leslie

Leslie’s backstory didn’t get much attention on Parks and Recreation, so viewers never really got the chance to see the full picture on why she was the way she was. However, one fan has come up with an interesting theory on who Leslie was before her parks and rec career. A Reddit user named theblackduck wrote, “So my theory is that Leslie Knope has a lot of money. I don’t know how much or exactly how she got it; maybe she inherited it when her father died or maybe she had a trust fund.” The user then went on to explain how they came up with this idea. Some of their points were that Leslie was extremely charitable and enjoyed helping others. theblackduck also added, “Filling the pit would cost $35,000, Leslie tried all the bureaucratic channels to get funded for that project and failed, at which point, on advice from Mark, she did not ask for permission to fill the pit and hired someone to just fill it in instead. Who paid for that? Probably Leslie herself. I like to think that she would only do something like that if it were absolutely necessary because Leslie respects the process of going though the proper government channels.”

Several other people thought that theblackduck was on to something and agreed that there was a pretty good chance that Leslie came from money of some sort. After all, it would kind of make sense. Plus, there are plenty of people who come from wealthy backgrounds who work simply because they enjoy it. Throughout the series, it was clear that Leslie genuinely loved her job and money probably wasn’t her motivating factor. Others, however, thought this theory was a little ridiculous and chalked up all of theblackduck’s evidence to coincidence or the fact that the show simply threw up in certain elements about the character in order to make the show more entertaining. A user named RDanderson wrote, “I not sure what’s going on here. She’s rich because she has to be rich because of the things she does in the show? Then your theory is that almost everyone on TV is rich? Pretty much every show that takes place in a major city has people living in massive apartments that no ordinary job could fund…I get that it’s boring to just say “well, because television” but a fan theory that simply says “they are wealthy because they would have to be” doesn’t put a lot of ants in my pants either.” At the end of the day, though, we will probably never know whether there’s any weight to this theory. Still, it’s always fun to learn about different fan theories and how some of them even end up taking on lives of their own.

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