The Five Best Amy Poehler Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Amy Poehler Movies of Her Career


Sarcasm in comedy is something that a lot of people value since it makes it so much edgier and in some cases realistic considering where comedy comes from. If you watch Amy Poehler’s movies you’ll find that a lot of time the comedy she brings comes from a situation where not laughing could cause a massive amount of depression or just unending sadness, so laughter is the best medicine in this case. Some of her best comedy has been seen with fellow star Tina Fey, but she’s spread her influence around a bit and managed to become her own person while at the same time hooking up with other comedians in order to deliver an astounding display of hilarity on a regular basis. Between TV and the movies she’s been seen to be equally funny, but in the movies she seems to get the chance to just go for broke, and it’s nothing short of great.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

How many people even remember that she was in this movie? The Tourette Syndrome lady is likely how a lot of people remember her part, and while some people would likely say that this isn’t exactly how the syndrome works it’s still funny enough since it’s not really making fun of the condition but is using it as part of the plot line to set Deuce up as a decent human being and not just another gigolo. Plus, he does manage to find a way to allow her to just be out in public and express herself, however unlikely it might happen. C’mon, going to a ballgame would be one of the best places to just cut loose.

4. Mr. Woodcock

She’s a supporting actress in this movie but she’s still great since the line “I’m an alcoholic not a Barbie doll” is one of the most classic moments in this entire movie. You’ve got to admit that if you came home and found your mom cozied up to the guy that made your life miserable as a kid it would shock the living hell out of just about anyone. But to make matters worse he decides to stay and make certain that Woodcock doesn’t stay with his mom, which ends up blowing up in his and Woodcock’s face since neither one of them can let the past go and end up making fools of themselves in front of her.

3. The House

Most parents want to see their kids get into college and go on to succeed in life, but the cost of an education these days is simply insane. Of course, opening a casino in your home and trying to earn the kind of money needed for a four-year education in one month isn’t exactly normal either, but it’s worth a go to these two parents since they don’t want to disappoint their daughter. Of course you can only imagine that this would cause a great number of problems with the city and with those that might try to cheat the system. In the end though they manage to get a public official arrested and pay for their daughter’s tuition.

2. Inside Out

Now and again we all might wonder about the impulses, thoughts, and feelings that go through our minds and why they make us react the way they do. This is a cute look at one girl in particular, Riley, who is ruled by her constantly evolving emotions as they come to realize just what it means to grow up, move to a new place, and experience things that are well out of their comfort zone. Joy, being the main emotion that Riley has relied on for so long, still has a lot to learn when it comes to understanding the world that Riley’s growing up in, and as she and Sadness make their way from the depths of Riley’s mind back to headquarters she finds out a few hard truths that she wasn’t really ready to handle.

1. Baby Mama

When Kate finds out that getting pregnant is almost a no-go for her she pays Angie to be her surrogate. The only problem is that Angie does become pregnant, but the baby is a product of the union between her and her ex-husband. Despite all that goes down between them the two women do manage to connect and bond, and Kate eventually finds out she’s pregnant by her new boyfriend as well. Wanting something and trying so hard to get it can sometimes make obtaining it that much harder considering that the more you want it, the less likely that life is just going to give it to you.

Amy is without a doubt one of the most sarcasm-based comedians out there and to be honest that’s one of the greatest attributes to have.Inside Out

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