Five Huge Unanswered Questions from Stranger Things Season 3

stranger things season 3

There are varying opinions on Stranger Things season 3 at this point but while many of us might like it and others want to distance themselves from it, there a lot of questions that still need to be answered. Renaldo Matadeen of CBR is right, it was an explosive season and a lot of stuff did happen, but there were so many missed opportunities to explain certain things that it almost felt better to just let them be and enjoy the show rather than get bogged down in details. Now that a lot of us have watched the show and seen what there is to see, it’s time to go back and wonder about some of the things that didn’t really add up at the moment or seemed to kind of stick in our craw the way a bit of food will stick in the crevices between your teeth. You want them out but it takes some work and effort to get them, so some give up and others keep working at it.

Here are just a few questions that we want to know about in order to really understand the show.

5. How did Max and Eleven afford to buy anything?

Katie Louise-Smith of PopBuzz makes a great point, Max and Eleven don’t seem to have a penny between them and yet they both go to the mall to pick out new clothes for El and have a good time together. This makes no sense really because Hopper doesn’t even allow El to go to the mall as there are too many people and it’s one of his rules. It might seem a bit harsh but if he doesn’t allow her to go to the mall it doesn’t seem as though he’d worry about giving her an allowance. She doesn’t seem the type to go swiping his credit card either, and Max doesn’t seem the type to be carrying a lot of money on her, at least not enough for the Gap.

4. Why didn’t Hopper call for backup?

In a sense it was almost as though he was thinking that he, Joyce, and Murray could take on the Russians in their secret installation all on their own and nothing untoward would happen. Plus, he should have been calling for backup the moment that he even suspected something was going on in Hawkins, and then sit back and allow the US government to step in. Of course had he done that they might not have arrived in time and the Mind Flayer might have had the whole town of Hawkins under its sway. This almost seems like a Catch-22 scenario but with much more dire implications.

3. Will Eleven’s powers return?

It almost seems as though the piece of itself that the Mind Flayer put inside of Eleven might be the reason why her powers were drained or perhaps suppressed. The creature knows how to utilize the power it holds over others and could possibly be able to negate El’s power as well. The car she was trying to move did shake a bit, but when she tried to bring a teddy bear she couldn’t reach down from a shelf it didn’t so much as twitch. So perhaps there’s something to the psychological aspect of this, but it also begs the question of why her powers didn’t return when the Mind Flayer was defeated and the gate was closed.

2. How did the Russians capture a Demogorgon?

Granted, an army might be able to put one of these things on its back long enough to trap it and hold it. But given how strong the thing is and how unpredictable, one has to wonder just how they would be able to put it back in its cage when it was done feeding. Plus, the mere fact that the Russians have a Demogorgon means that there might be a possibility that another gate is still open regardless of what was said. There are just way too many questions regarding the existence of and the detainment of such a creature and hopefully season 4 will bring more light to the matter.

1. Who is ‘the American’?

Just like Hillary Weaver of Elle a lot of us are wondering if ‘the American’ that the Russians are speaking of is Hopper since quite honestly we didn’t see him die and there’s a good chance that he could be the person that’s behind the door, unseen. But while some people are saying that of course he’s dead, the blast wouldn’t fry only half of the room when it took out everyone the first time, there are still those wondering if the Russians didn’t somehow spirit him away and keep him as their prisoner. The only thing is, why would they do that? After all the trouble he’d caused and the damage he’d done in Hawkins, why would Hopper be kept alive?

It’s going to be a while before we can get most of these answers.

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