Where is the My Wife and Kids Cast Now?

Where is the My Wife and Kids Cast Now?

Credit: @damonkwayans

When My Wife and Kids debuted in 2001, the world knew it would be a success. First and foremost, it stars Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell. Both are exceptionally famous actors and comedians who are just downright good at what they do. Paired on this project, they tag teamed the comedy world and brought laughter weekly. Wayans, husband, and father, also owns a trucking company in Connecticut. He works, helps his wife raise the kids, and they are the perfect mix of loving and sarcastic. Kyle works hard to find creative parenting manners to make sure his kids learn all the right life lessons. He often messes up, but he’s a character quick to apologize and make things right. The show was a success from the start.

The only time the show didn’t work was at the beginning of the second season when the middle child in the family noticeably appeared with a new face. The actress who played Claire was replaced, but no one mentioned it. It took a few episodes for everyone to catch on, but they finally got it and fell in love with the new Claire Kyle. On that note, where is the My Wife and Kids cast these days?

Damon Wayans

He’s one of the most talented Wayans brothers – acting ability does run rampant in his family, after all. He played dad Kyle on the show. Funny and just sarcastic enough to keep everyone of all ages laughing, he was a natural in the role. He’s father to the talented Damon Wayans Jr., and he played the role from 2001 until 2005. He’s still working on both movies and shows today, but he did take a step back due to health issues. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and needed to find a way to cope with his new lifestyle.

Tisha Campbell

Where is the My Wife and Kids Cast Now?

Credit: @tishacampbellmartin

She, like her television husband, was already famous when she took this role. She is Jay, the hilarious wife of Kyle. They are raising their kids, dealing with all the things, and focusing on trying to get through each day with a house filled with kids, a marriage, and careers. You’ll note we didn’t include the “Martin” in her name. She and her husband of many years divorced in 2020. She is the proud mother of two sons. Tisha Campbell made many guest appearances on shows such as Private Practice and more. She’s a cast member on the show Real Husbands of Hollywood, and she was part of the Empire cast. In addition to being part of the My Wife and Kids cast, she was also part of the cast of Last Man Standing. She’s worked nonstop over the years.

George O. Gore II

The eldest child in his fictional television family, he was always funny and relatable. Following the end of the show, he took on a few other roles. Namely, he’s been nominated for four NAACP Image Awards, which is a huge deal. What many fans didn’t know at the time was that he was also directing some episodes of his show. He’s also written a screenplay for a project called Sneakerella.

Jennifer Freeman

Where is the My Wife and Kids Cast Now?

Credit: @parkermckennaaa

She came in to play the role of Claire in the second season. Freeman replaced Jazz Raycole. She did big things following the show. She was part of the cast of The O.C. The actress starred in the movie You Got Served, and she married an NBA player. She had a baby in 2009, got divorced, and decided to focus on her own life. Freeman also starred in the Real Husbands of Hollywood. Today, however, she’s busy being a mom and working on her YouTube Channel and other acting jobs.

Parker McKenna Posey

Sweet Kady was the absolute star of this show, and fans could not get enough. She has not stopped, either. She was part of the iCarly cast, among many other projects she worked on throughout the years. Right now, she’s starring in a show called Games People Play. You can watch her on BET. She’s been through a few things, including a terrible breakup with an ex.

She was dating Chris Sails until approximately 2018, when news broke that he’d been arrested. He assaulted her, and the story made national news. Fortunately, her life has improved since the end of that relationship, and she is the proud new mom of a baby girl born in the spring of 2021. Her daughter’s name is Harley, and she’s working tirelessly to be a great mom to her little one. She does tend to keep her life a little more private now, though, but that is to be expected.Tisha Campbell

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