Did Jordyn Woods Really Diss Kylie Jenner About Her Lips?

These holidays have definitely had a bunch of scandals brewing, but is there still a beef between Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner? Most especially, did Jordyn Woods really diss Kylie? Well, it’s no secret that the two beauties aren’t friends, and this is after they were literally best buddies. They met in sixth grade and even started living together.

That’s until, you know, the whole Tristan drama in 2019. Have we really had a year without entertainment from this family? I honestly do not think so.

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What Happened In 2019 Between Jordyn, Kylie, And Khloe?

For two BFFs to completely stop being friends, it has to be something pretty huge right? Well, it really was. Jordyn allegedly hooked up with Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, while the two were still in a pretty serious relationship.

At the time of the huge scandal, Jordyn secured herself an interview on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, and according to Khloe, everything she was saying was a lie.

“Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If you’re going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story. BTW, You ARE the reason my family broke up!” Khloe posted on her Twitter page.

What exactly did Jordyn say to get such a harsh reaction from Khloe? During the interview, she said that Tristan and she had only had one kiss, one which Tristan had initiated.

“Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him,” she said. “It’s just…we’re all together, we’re in a group. Never once did we leave the public area, go to the bedroom, go to the bathroom.” She added that “it was a kiss on the lips,”

The bitter truth finally came out, and Jordyn was extremely guilty, according to Khloe.

“Once Tristan finally landed in Cleveland, he saw my millions of text messages,” she said. “He already knew what was up, and there was nothing else he could do but confirm it. I got my questions answered. Everyone left, and Jordyn stayed. She was sitting on his lap on a chair, they were all over each other, and they were handsy. They made out.”

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What Happened To Kylie And Jordyn?

Kylie proved that blood is actually thicker than water when she completely cut her off. At the time, they were still living together and she pretty much didn’t hesitate to throw her out. According to an interview with Enews Kylie had the following to say:

“When we were friends, we never thought that we wouldn’t be friends. It was kind of an overnight thing, and, you know, when she did something to my family, it felt like she did something to me.”

Jordyn was simply excommunicated from the family, and this is despite the fact that Khloe later took Tristan back.

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Did Jordyn Really Throw Shade?

In a TikTok that Jordyn posted earlier this week, we can see her showing off her lips to The Weekend song “Part Monster.” In her caption, she then said:

“thank you, mom & dad, for these genetics.”

Fans automatically assumed she was throwing shade toward Kylie. This is because we all know that Kylie has had lip flippers and now owns a makeup line that has lip kit enhancers.

“Kylie Jenner is typing…” one fan commented, while another speculated, “Def shots at Kylie [sic].” A third fan then added, “Why do I feel like this has something to do [with] Kylie?”

“Ooooo the shade low key,” A fourth fan commented.

Credit: @jordynwoods

What Did Jordyn Have To Say?

After all the assumptions being made, Jordyn finally decided to clear the air and let everyone know that she wasn’t actually dissing Kylie.

“There’s no shade towards anyone,” she wrote, per Entertainment Tonight. “This is a trend I’ve seen a bunch of girls doing, and I wanted to hop on.”

Credit: @kyliejenner

Khloe Forgave Jordyn Woods

We might all think that Khloe would hate Jordyn forever, but the icon forgave Jordyn.

“I don’t have any grudge against Jordyn. I think people make mistakes, people live, and they learn,” she said. “I have to forgive these people for me, and it’s up to them to forgive themselves and be accountable and learn and hopefully don’t repeat these same cycles.”

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