Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jonah Ray

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jonah Ray

Jonah Ray is an American comedian, writer and actor who has had a steadfast career in Hollywood. He got his start in show business as a stand up comedian and writer’s assistant for sketch comedy. Ray’s writing on shows like “The Sarah Silverman Program”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Soup” have led to a successful career. Most recently Jonah Ray was chosen to host the reboot of Mystery Science Theater, and fans are looking forward to it.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Jonah Ray.

He’s from Hawaii

Jonah Ray Rodriguez was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 3, 1982. Although he always had a knack for comedy but his first job was playing in a punk rock band. Ray moved to Los Angeles to pursue his comedy career but continued to perform in punk rock bands in Los Angeles. Comedy has proven more successful for him. Jonah Ray married Deanna Rooney in 2013 and the couple reside in LA.

Life in LA

Jonah Ray’s career in LA grew quickly. He was hired as a writing assistant for the absurdist comic sketch series, “The Andy Milonakis Show” which aired on MTV. Ray was soon hired to write and act in “The Offensive Show” for Showtime. In the meantime Jonah Ray honed his comic skills performing stand up at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. The popular comedian, writer and sketch actor appeared on a variety of television shows including “Soul of the Moleman”, “Crossballs”, “The Sarah Silverman Program”, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.


As Jonah Ray’s career continued to blossom he wrote and performed in a variety of mediums. He hosted the YouTube show “Joe Genius” and recorded web series. Ray’s style of comedy was soon sought after to write and act in a variety of comic programs. He wrote and was a voice actor for E’s “The Soup”, Current TV’s “Super News!”, and Comedy Central’s “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail”.


During his career Jonah Ray has continued to perform stand up comedy. He has recorded two popular albums. In 2006 he recorded “This is Crazy Mixed-Up Plumbing”. In 2012 he recorded “Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello”. Both albums were successful. The comedian has embraced the web and has hosted web series including “The Freeloaders Guide to Easy Living with Jonah Ray” and “Hidden America”. Ray co-hosts “The Nerdist Podcast”.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Back in 2012 Joel Hodgson, the comedian who created cult favorite Comedy Central show “Mystery Science Theater 3000” in 1988, began a Kickstarter campaign to reboot the show. The show is finally returning. The show featured a janitor trapped by scientists performing an experiment in space. The janitor is stuck watching B movies in a theater on the “Satellite of Love”. He is joined by robots Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot and Gypsy, and to preserve his sanity humorously comments on the silly movies. The show remained a cult hit until 1999.

The reboot of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” became available on Netflix in January 2016. Joel Hodgson recast the series. He chose his friend Jonah Ray to play the new host Jonah Heston who watches and riffs on B movies. Companion robots Crow and Tom Servo are voiced by comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn, friends of Jonah Ray. Felicia Day plays Kinga Forrrester, the daughter of one of the scientists in charge of the experiment. Fans of the quirky comedy show have been excited by its return, and fans of Jonah Ray are excited to see him in the role.

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