Did A Rod Cheat on JLo with Kathryne Padgett?

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Alex Rodriguez is happily involved in a new relationship. It is reportedly the first serious relationship the former baseball player has been involved in since his engagement to superstar Jennifer Lopez ended. She moved on quickly with her ex-fiance Ben Affleck. The couple is newly married and appears happier than ever. On the other hand, A-Rod hasn’t gotten engaged or married since he and J.Lo called it quits. However, a young woman named Kathryne Padgett is making him happy, and the couple seems to be getting serious. Who is Kathryne Padgett? Let’s look at A Rod’s relationship timeline to learn more about her.

Has Alex Rodriguez Been Married?

Even though his engagement with one of the world’s most famous women did not end in marriage, he was a married man at one time. His one and only wife were Cynthia Scurtis. She was a psychology grad who was at the same gym as A-Rod. That’s how they met. By 2002, they were married. They had their first baby in 2004 and their second baby in 2008. Just months after the birth of their second child, A-Rod’s wife filed for divorce. She told the court that her husband abandoned her and the children emotionally and that he was engaging in extramarital affairs. Alex Rodriguez asked that the latter part of her statement be removed from the record.

Following the end of his marriage, he dated a few people. But, he was not engaged in any precisely long relationships. He was rumored to have had an affair with Madonna, though. She quickly refuted those claims, saying she was not involved with the baseball player. When rumors began swirling that Madonna was the reason his wife left him, she quickly came out to say she had nothing to do with Rodriguez’s marriage or his divorce.

Credit: @katpadgett

A-Rod and J.Lo

The world enjoyed the couple’s dating life. They both have cute monikers, and neither had been particularly lucky in love at that point. However, the couple soon realized they had a thing for one another. They began dating in early 2017, and they were engaged by 2019. However, their engagement and happiness did not last very long. Their engagement lasted two years, and their wedding was postponed due to COVID. However, it wasn’t long before cheating rumors were all over the place. When they announced the end of their engagement in April of 2021, J.Lo was already on the move with Ben Affleck. They were back together, and any chance of A-Rod and J.Lo getting back together was quickly dismissed. There was no chance at that point.

Did A-Rod Cheat on J.Lo With Kathryne Padgett?

No, he did not cheat on J.Lo with Kathryne Padgett. He did not know her at the time. However, he allegedly cheated on her with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. She confirmed the two would talk, but not consistently. She confirmed direct messages online and FaceTime conversations but denied that he physically cheated on J.Lo. J.Lo, on the other hand, J.Lo knows her former fiancé cheated on her. She said she never caught him, but she just knew it had happened.

How Does Kathryne Padgett Fit into All of This?

It’s pretty simple. The two were spotted together in January of 2022 for the first time. It seems that her ex, a chemical engineer by the name of Ty Sheppard, left some social media comments on photos of his ex and A-Rod saying she broke up with him only two days before Christmas in 2021 and was already dating someone new. The truth is that some people suspect she was cheating on her boyfriend with A-Rod, but we now know that he was not cheating on J.Lo with Kathryne Padgett. Padgett, however, is a bodybuilder.

Credit: @katpadgett

However, there are plenty of people weighing in on this couple. Some sources say they are close to Rodriguez and say he is having a good time with Kathryne Padgett, but things are not serious. There are others who think that their January through August – so far – romance has been a total whirlwind, and they are serious. However, she’s more than 20 years younger than the baseball player, and he’s never been one to get too serious with anyone without a lot of rumors involving him cheating. While it’s only speculation and gossip, it doesn’t look like anyone thinks this couple will last. Of course, the opinions of anyone other than Padgett and A-Rod don’t matter, do they?

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