10 Things You Don’t Know About Abigail Cowen

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When Netflix decided to create a live-action version of The Winx Club, actress Abigail Cowen immediately knew it was for her. She was enamored by the idea of playing a fairy who goes to high school and experiences all the same issues every regular teenager faces at some point. Learning to figure out who you are and what you stand for and learning to love yourself through it all resonated with her, and she was all in. Now she’s a bona fide television star, and she’s working on making sure no one forgets her name.

1. How Old is Abigail Cowen?

She was born on March 18, 1998, in Gainesville, Florida. She spent a lot of time in that area growing up, but she moved a tiny bit further south for high school. She attended Oviedo High School, which is in the Orlando area. Her family did own a farm, though, and she did go back to Gainesville for college.

2. She’s A Florida Gator

All the best people are, though. She attended classes at the University of Florida. She studied public relations, and we had no idea if she was a college athlete. We do know she was part of the track and field team at her high school, but no clue about her college athletics.

3. She Left Florida in 2016

This lifelong Floridian moved out of the Sunshine State for the Golden State when she was only 18. She moved to Los Angeles – with her family – because she was dead set on becoming an actress. She couldn’t do that in Gainesville, so the entire family left. She worked hard, she landed roles, and now she’s a star.

Credit: @abbeycowen

4. She Was in Stranger Things

It was a big deal to land a role in Stranger Things. It was the show’s second season, and she landed the role of Vicki Carmichael. From that point on, she was cast regularly in other shows. She spent some time focused on her television career with roles in The Fosters, Wisdom of the Crowd, and more.

5. She’s in A Relationship

Abigail Cowen is not available. She’s been dating her Winx Saga costar since 2021. His name is Danny Griffin, and they appear quite serious. Their relationship began in September 2021, and it’s still going strong. She doesn’t share much of her personal life, but she shares a few snippets of their happiness together, and it works for us.

6. She is a Life Saver

Not the kind you eat. Not the kind that brings people back to life by way of being a doctor or other medical professional. She’s a lifesaver in that she found some sweet kittens without a mother and without a lot going for them, so she saved them. She rescued them, took them to the vet, and she brought them home to take care of them until they found a fur-ever home. Kittens are the single cutest thing on the planet.

7. She Believes in Doing What Makes You Different

Abigail Cowen knows what she is good at doing, but she also likes to do things that make her a little different. Why? Because “when you do embrace what makes you different, then your magic flourishes,” she said in an interview. She’s not wrong, either. The moment you decide to own that you are you and no one else is you, your world changes – for the better.

Credit: @abbeycowen

8. She Would Tell Her Younger Self Something Important

If she could go back in time and talk to her younger self, she would talk to young Abigail about patience. She’d talk to her about being calm and not taking everything so seriously. Patience is, as they say, such a virtue. She’d make sure everyone knew it, and she’d handle it. Life is good to her, but she knows that things happen in due time and that time is not always on your own time. Patience is what gets you through that.

9. She’d Choose White Wine Over Red

Her boyfriend would choose red, but she’d choose white. In all honestly, the color of my wine is timely. White wine is more of a daytime beverage, and red is not. Red is an evening beverage. Additionally, white wine is a warm-weather beverage, whereas red wine is perfect in cold weather. And as a fellow Floridian who grew up less than an hour from Gainesville, we drink a lot more white wine because it’s always warm. What I’m trying to say is that they are both correct.

10. She Once Interviewed Her Boyfriend, and it Was Great

What we’ve decided about Abigail Cowen is that she’s fun. She’s a woman who knows herself, feels comfortable with herself, and she’s a good time. She seems to have a fun and delightful relationship with her boyfriend, and we think we like her.

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