Every Dexter Extended Universe Spin-Off In Development Explained

Every Dexter Extended Universe Spin-Off In Development Explained

Dexter has developed a very large fanbase over the years, as millions cheered on the anti-hero serial killer as he took it upon himself to serve justice to the evil people roaming Miami. Following the release of Dexter: New Blood, a sequel which gave an alternate ending to the character, the writers have begun crafting new spin-off shows for the Dexter franchise to explore different time periods and characters.

At the moment, there are three TV shows currently in development, each covering different time periods and characters from the franchise. Each of the new shows will be overseen by Clyde Phillips, the creator of the original show and showrunner of the first four seasons and the recent Dexter: New Blood. Here are all of the upcoming spin-off shows in the Dexter extended universe that are currently in development.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2

Dexter Spin off New Blood

Dexter: New Blood was a spin-off originally created to give fans of Dexter the ending they deserved after the disappointing ending of the original series. Despite the show being designed to be a one-and-done deal, it was confirmed shortly after it aired that a season 2 would be created. The ending of season 1 saw Dexter (Michael C. Hall) gunned down by his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) after he discovered that his father had broken the code and wasn’t the justice-seeking killer he claimed to be.

After Harrison shot Dexter, he fled the scene and left Iron Lake, with Angela (Julia Jones) covering for him and claiming she killed Dexter in self-defense during a standoff. Dexter: New Blood season 2 will focus on Harrison in the aftermath of the shooting as he moves to a location and tries to start over without being in the shadow of his father. But, will his dark passenger haunt him as it did Dexter?

Dexter: Origins

Every Dexter Extended Universe Spin-Off In Development Explained

While Dexter: New Blood takes viewers into the future, Dexter: Origins will take us back to the past to explore the early years and making of the iconic serial killer. The show will be set approximately 13 years prior to Dexter season 1 just after he finishes college and first joins the Miami Police Department. It will be very interesting to see the events unfold over the years prior to the beginning of the main show, as there are a  lot of victims and kills that took place before the show began. Some of these were shown in the short-lived Dexter web series, while some were never covered in the show but the blood slides were shown. In total there were 51 victims of Dexter prior to the start of season 1, which gives the writers a lot of possibilities to explore when crafting the story for the show.

It will also be very exciting to see the original characters again, although we expect most will be played by new actors due to age differences. It is possible that at least some of the original cast return. Michael C. Hall will unlikely reprise his role of Dexter due to the 30-year age difference between Hall and Dexter in that time period, but he could take on a narration role similar to how the main show is narrated by Hall throughout with his thoughts. This will keep continuity and familiarity, as Hall’s portrayal of Dexter is too iconic to completely remove from any show featuring the character.

Dexter: Trinity

Every Dexter Extended Universe Spin-Off In Development Explained

Trinity (John Lithgow) will always be remembered by most as being the best villain in the series, with him being the only antagonist that could truly go toe to toe with Dexter, even getting one up on him at the end of season 4. Like Dexter: Origins, the upcoming Dexter: Trinity show will focus on the earlier years of Trinity, likely showing on the beginnings of his crimes and his early life which led him to adopt the four-victim kill pattern he used.

This is one of the most exciting Dexter projects on the horizon, especially if Lithgow reprises his role in some capacity. The success of Dexter: Trinity will determine whether the writers explore any other characters from the original series, and there are many to choose from. A more traditional law and order style show featuring the likes of Batista (David Zayas) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) could be very fun to watch and a change of pace compared to what we’ve seen so far in the franchise.

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