Dexter: Origins – Can It Succeed Despite Retreading Familiar Ground?

Dexter: New Blood transported viewers into the future after the underwhelming conclusion of Dexter. While New Blood provided a more gratifying ending, it seems the universe will continue to expand with Dexter: Origins. Having explored the future, the new series will delve into the past, focusing on Dexter’s early years before joining the Miami Police Department.

The forthcoming Dexter: Origins aims to offer fans of Michael C. Hall‘s iconic character a glimpse into the events that shaped Dexter into a killer. However, with many crucial moments from Dexter’s early life already depicted in the original show, Dexter, there’s a concern that Origins could be destined for failure before it even begins.

Retracing Steps: Dexter: Origins’ Story Has Already Been Told

Dexter: Origins

Throughout the original Dexter TV show, we gained significant insight into Dexter Morgan’s early years before the series’ events. Flashback scenes depicted Dexter’s mother (Katherine Kirkpatrick) being killed and him being discovered in a pool of blood by Harry (James Remar), as well as his upbringing as he uncovered his murderous desires. A significant aspect of Dexter’s character development during his early years was Harry nurturing Dexter’s urge to kill and teaching him how to control his “Dark Passenger.” Regrettably for the creators of Dexter: Origins, this story has already been told through flashback scenes.

Dexter’s first kill occurred when he was just 18 years old, taking the life of Nurse Mary (Denise Crosby), who was found to be murdering her patients while treating Harry for heart problems and attempting to kill him. Since major moments in Dexter’s life have already been revealed, Dexter: Origins now faces the challenge of revisiting these events while providing new context for viewers, or telling a brand new story without rehashing previously told stories and events, all while staying true to the franchise.

Breaking New Ground: How Dexter: Origins Can Offer Something Fresh

Dexter: Origins

Although many crucial aspects of Dexter’s upbringing have been explored in the original Dexter TV show, they could (and should) be recapped to provide newer viewers with a more comprehensive look at his early years and tell a more rounded story. When it comes to the story and kills that could be featured in Dexter: Origins, there were 51 kills before the beginning of Dexter Season 1.

Some of these were mentioned throughout various episodes of the original TV show, while some of the earliest ones were seen in the animated Dexter’s Early Cuts web series. These Early Cuts were brief animations and have never been seen by a large portion of Dexter’s fanbase. This means they could serve as an ideal time period for Dexter: Origins, as many occurred before Dexter developed his signature killing method of wrapping the body, taking a blood slide, and stabbing his victim through the heart. Viewers could witness Dexter’s evolution in his kill method and his struggle with coping with the aftermath of killing, particularly after Harry’s death.

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