Debra Jo Rupp Will Star in Agatha: Coven of Chaos

Debra Jo Rupp Will Star in Agatha: Coven of Chaos

credit: WandaVision

Debra Jo Rupp will star in Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Many people are already down for it. The hit Disney+ series was one of the more anticipated stories since the MCU’s creation. But the twist is that Agatha Harkness is still in Westview. This gives the series a nice little punch that wasn’t expected. 

Now Agatha is coming back, and one of the first questions is how she will escape the effect that Wanda laid upon her at the end of the series.  Fans should recall that Wanda stuck Agatha back in the same state she’d kept everyone before leaving the town. But leaving Agatha behind appears as though it will cause even more trouble. 

Rupp will join several other actors that will round out the cast of Agatha: Coven of Chaos, but what role she’ll take this time around is up for grabs. It does feel as though the idea behind this show will expand to show the fallout from WandaVision. Just imagining how messed up everyone in Westview was left after Wanda departed is enough to create a story on its own. 

With Agatha still there, the story only gets better. 

Debra Jo Rupp Will Star in Agatha: Coven of Chaos

credit: WandaVision

It feels as though Debra will exist as a minor player

In shows like That 70s Show and even That 90s Show, she’s a more significant player. In an MCU show, it’s already happened, as her part in WandaVisionwas noticeable but not a major one. It’s fair to say that several of those that have found their way to this show will have the same experience. 

Debra’s career has lasted for many years at this point. Depending on the movie or the show she’s starred in, her role is usually quite noticeable. In WandaVision, she was one of many supporting actors. It feels as though this is going to happen in the upcoming series as well. 

The upside of having Debra in the series is that she’s another familiar face that can possibly keep people interested. As far as the show goes, it feels accurate to state that she might show up as someone with more speaking lines than last time. It kind of all depends on how the show is going to progress. 

Agatha’s impact on the MCU is uncertain

In the MCU, Agatha Harkness has interacted with several individuals. She’s stood out as a villain as well as an uncertain ally. WandaVision made use of her as a villain, obviously, but it’s not yet certain what role she’ll end up playing in the long run. The fact that a part of her origin was shown kind of indicates that she might have a change of heart and turn into a protagonist instead. 

That kind of role reversal sounds impressive and unlikely, given that she was firmly set against Wanda in the last series. But honestly, it could happen that Agath might transition into an anti-hero at the very least. Villains have definitely taken on a different look over the years in the MCU. Some of them have made the switch from complete evil to misunderstood individuals that are doing the best they can. 

The idea that Agatha might do this isn’t too far-fetched. 

Debra Jo Rupp Will Star in Agatha: Coven of Chaos

credit: WandaVision

What era this show will take place in is unknown 

The reason for wondering this is that Agatha has existed for quite a while in the Marvel Universe, apparently. It would serve better to see her back in Westview. But at the same time, it leaves a person wondering if there will be flashbacks or if the show will transition back and forth. Learning more about Agatha is bound to advance the story. 

It’s also easy to wonder if Agatha will show up on the big screen at some point. This character has been a part of a few storylines, even if she’s not often seen as a main character. It kind of depends on who the MCU wants to push. 

Depending on how this series turns out, Agatha could end up proving that she belongs in the mainstream MCU with the likes of Doctor Strange. That’s a story that sounds like it would draw a lot of interest. 

So far, there isn’t a lot of information

The MCU has managed to get a lot better at shutting down leaks. Ever since the issue of Endgame leaks that occurred leading up to the movie, the lockdown of information has increased without fail. Right now, there isn’t a lot to say about the Agatha series other than what’s deemed safe to announce. That means that whatever else there is to say is going to have to wait a while, at least until the last part of 2023, or the first part of 2024. 

The MCU will drop hints here and there, just enough to keep people interested enough to keep talking. 

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