10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daphne Oz

She’s not only a familiar face but also a familiar name. Daphne Oz has been famous for what feels like her entire life, and for a very good reason (or two). Her father is the famed Dr. Mehmet Oz, and she is both a television host, chef, and writer. She is well-known for her many years of co-hosting an ABC talk show called “The Chew” before moving on to a show called “The Good Dish,” among many other things. She’s a talented young woman with a bright future ahead of her already successful life, and we cannot help but get to know her a little bit better.

1. She’s Young

She’s been on television for so long that many people assume she is much older than she is. This is not because she appears old – she does not – but she only because she is so intelligent and we cannot remember a time when she was not on the air. She was born on February 17, 1986, which means she just celebrated her 36th birthday.

2. She is From Pennsylvania

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father is Dr. Oz, and her mother is Lisa Oz. Her parents raised her and her three siblings together. She is the oldest sibling, born the year after her parent’s wedding. She has three younger siblings.

3. She is a Jersey Girl

She did not grow up in Philly despite being born there. She actually grew up as a Jersey girl. She was raised in a town called Cliffside Park, in New Jersey.

4. She is an Ivy League Graduate

Following her high school graduation, she went right to college. Of course, she did not just go to any old college. She was a student at the prestigious Princeton University, one of the most famous, most well-known universities in not only the country, but also in the world. She has a degree from Princeton in Near Eastern Studies.

5. She is an Author

She’s also an author with many books to her name. She has many bestsellers to her credit, and she is proud of the work that she does. Her work can be found online, and in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and more. She is all about writing about healthy living and her lifestyle, and her goal is to help those who want to change their own life for the better.

6. She is a Public Speaker

Her knowledge of food and healthy living has given her quite an edge. This allows the young author to do her work on the road, and she is known for her public speaking. She is a wonderful speaker who has discussed many things from women’s issues to health to lifestyle and everything in between. She’s been known to focus much of her speaking to college kids on campuses across the country.

7. She is a Mom and Wife

She’s a woman who has been married for more than a decade now. She and her husband met in college, and that was that for them. They wed on August 26, 2010, and they are currently ready to celebrate their 12th year of marriage. During their marriage, they’ve welcomed four sweet children into their lives.

8. She is All About the Non-Profit Work She Does

She’s into helping others, and that means donating her time. she works with nonprofit organizations such as HealthCorps, for which she is both an ambassador as well as someone who helped to get this nonprofit up and running. The purpose of this is to work closely with teens who are in need of education when it comes to their stress levels, their exercise, and their health.

9. She is All About Balance

Like anyone who truly understands health and all that it entails, she’s a woman who knows what a healthy lifestyle is all about. It is not about restricting yourself, starving yourself, and not enjoying food. It is about finding a way to make your favorite meals a little healthier, and it’s about indulging on occasion and not feeling guilty. There is nothing wrong with some pasta and wine when you’re celebrating or on the weekends, but you do need to balance your splurges accordingly so that’s not all you’re doing.

10. She Has Only One Boy

She and I have this in common being that we both have four little ones. She is the mother of three little girls and one little boy, as am I. It is a fun household with three girls and a boy, and there is nothing more entertaining than a little boy surrounded by nothing but sisters with only daddy to take his boy side on things. It is a gift.

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