Courtney Love Lost a Role in Fight Club After Denying a Kurt Cobain Biopic

Courtney Love Lost a Role in Fight Club After Denying a Kurt Cobain Biopic

credit: The People vs. Larry Flynt

Courtney Love lost a role once upon a time due to her infamous temper, but it’s fair to state that many would never have known. Her role as Marla in Fight Club was locked up apparently and in the bag. However, a request from Gus Van Sant and Brad Pitt derailed this role in a big way. 

In all fairness, Love’s marriage to the legendary Kurt Cobain is something that many have speculated about. But when asked about Pitt taking on the role of Cobain in a biopic, she flipped. Love has admitted that she flew off the hook at the idea. Some might question her motives, but the idea is that she said no in as rude a fashion as possible. 

Undoubtedly, this caused a great deal of confusion among those who knew about it. But it does sound as though after enough time had passed, Pitt brought the idea up again. This time, he proposed to produce the biopic, but again, Love refused. Her decision to say no appeared to come from the idea that the movie would be for profit. 

The fact that she lost a movie role due to this is kind of amusing. Trying to see her as Marla rather than Helena Bonham Carter is kind of tough. However, thinking that after a blow-up at Pitt over this matter, it’s not entirely surprising to think that she was given the boot.

In all honesty, what should matter is that this was a chance to highlight the life of a very successful musician. Instead, it cost Love a role due to her inability to curb her temper.

Courtney Love Lost a Role in Fight Club After Denying a Kurt Cobain Biopic

credit: Fight Club

One has to wonder if there’s a jealousy angle

This sounds like a silly and even petty reason to think about when it comes to Love’s reluctance. Such an idea has been floated in the past, and many have shot it down without hesitation. The reason behind this is that Love has her own level of fame and doesn’t need to worry about her late husband’s fame overshadowing her own. 

However, if one looks at their careers and their impact on society, Nirvana is still far more well-known than Hole. This matter is quite personal, though, since many still advocate for Love and believe that she was every bit as popular. In all honesty, she did have her own band, which appears to have attracted Cobain to her in the first place. 

In all seriousness, jealousy doesn’t factor in as a strong reason for Love denying the biopic. 

People still revere Cobain even years after his death

There’s no denying that Pitt is a great actor and has earned the kind of clout that would allow fans to accept him as Cobain. That time has come and gone through. Pitt has aged out of the role but is still willing to produce it. Love’s denial is a bit harder to understand in this light. Her outright denial that Pitt should be allowed to take on this project makes little sense to many people. 

There’s a divide between the fans when it comes to how Cobain’s life and how the musician should be remembered. But Love’s involvement in this matter might divide the fanbase even further. 

Courtney Love Lost a Role in Fight Club After Denying a Kurt Cobain Biopic

credit: The People vs. Larry Flynt

Love’s reasons for saying no to the biopic sound kind of petty

It’s too easy to state that Love is deciding to say no simply because she wants to. Any other reason is bound to sound just as petty. After so much time has passed, one might think that Love would have thought it over and decided that Pitt could treat her husband’s legacy with the proper respect. That’s not the case, obviously. It’s tough to say that she’s wrong, as Cobain was her husband. 

But at the very least, one might think that Love would want Cobain’s legacy to live on. Fans of Love will no doubt continue to back her decision, and they’re not wrong to do so. However, it does stand to reason that unless she finds someone who she approves of, this biopic might never get made. 

The biopic might display parts of Cobain’s life that Love doesn’t want to relive

This is one of the biggest reasons that anyone can guess would leave Love hesitant to give her blessing to a biopic. Some might not want to believe it, as Cobain’s life is displayed in more than one location that people can see. But the truth is that Love has intimate knowledge of their life together that she might want to keep private.

Fans might not care about this. They might want to see everything, or they might express joy at seeing a legend portrayed in a manner they’ll enjoy. Until Love gives the okay, however, it doesn’t appear that this will happen. 

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