George Zimmerman Threatens to “Beat Up’ Jay Z but Snoop Dogg is Having None of It

If you have followed the news closely over the last several years, you can likely bring up the name Trayvon Martin. He was mistakenly shot by a neighborhood watch captain with no apparent weapon on him. While there have always been conflicting reports about what had actually happened that night, the not guilty verdict that returned for both murder and manslaughter charges against Zimmerman set the country into a frenzy of racial tensions.

Attempting to shed some light on this case and provide some inside information from the people that were there, as well as give some people a chance to have their voice heard, rapper Jay-Z has been working on a documentary about the incident. In order to get the most credible information, the rapper believed that it was imperative to get footage and interviews with George Zimmerman today or at the very least, members of his family.

Zimmerman has taken the entire incident as a threat, considering the new documentarian to be harassing his family around his house and town in Florida. When he had reached a breaking point, Zimmerman had gone on the record as saying that if the harassment were to continue, that he would have no choice but to feed Jay-Z to an alligator. In a very poor choice of words and what could easily be misconstrued, Zimmerman goes on to say that he knows “how to deal with people who f— with him.”

It wouldn’t take long for the incident to reach social media, where people from all over the world began to chime in with their own opinions on the matter. Without intending to, Zimmerman apparently has united East and West Coast rappers at long last, as Snoop Dogg came to the defense of Jay-Z by posting a response to the story on his Instagram feed. In this post, he divulges that Zimmerman would essentially be a fool to try and do something like hurt Jay-Z in any way. This would spark a revolution that the country would not be able to turn back from.

Of course, Zimmerman may have actually caught a fortunate break in the entire situation do to the current mishaps of Hollywood. The production team and film company that was slated to bring Jay-Z’s latest documentary to audiences belonged to none other than Harvey Weinstein. With the incredible scandal that is following his name around, financial backers and crews are abandoning ship and finding a new place to employ their tradecraft.

While it is unclear what Jay-Z intends to do with the progress he has already made with the new project, or if he just intends to find a new distributor for the product, is yet to be seen. Perhaps with a little more time the tensions between all three people now in this new incident will have had a chance to simmer down and cooler heads will prevail. It might be in the best interest of Zimmerman to lay low for a while, though, as few people take kindly to threats against their most favorite artists or celebrities.

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