Whatever Happened to Christoper Daniel Barnes?

It feels like a safe bet that if you spoke the name of Christopher Daniel Barnes and asked anyone on the street just who he was and what he’d done in his life you might not get an answer other than ‘I don’t know.’  He’s done a lot of voice work and his live action stuff has never been the kind of thing that you might talk about over and over. With that in mind, it’s still important to note that he’s had a long and successful career behind the scenes and he’s been seen on screen a few times so he’s proven his worth in show business. Plus the fact that he has a $3 million dollar net worth isn’t too shabby and can be used to further prove that he’s done enough with his life that he’s worth talking about now and again. Looking at how many celebrities there are in show business and how spread out they are among the many movies, TV shows, and other areas it’s easy to think that losing track of one or two of them is easy, but really it’s easier to lose track of entire groups of people simply because they don’t show up on the radar as much.

One big claim to fame he has out of all the voice work he’s done is that of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. He was given the chance to play the character for the first animated movie and for the Kingdom Hearts game but he didn’t get brought back for the sequel to the movie for one reason or another. Barnes has also showed up in several movies and TV show throughout the years and has created a reputation that’s easy to follow if you know how to find him and can remember some of the things he’s done. So many celebrities tend to do their thing and fly under the radar of so many people that it almost feels that they’re being left out at times, but they do collect a paycheck and make their contributions felt all the same since they’re doing something to enrich the show business culture even if people don’t notice it at all times. One of the biggest tricks of the business after all is that you might see a fraction of what’s going on and never realize just who is making it all work since they operate behind the scenes more often than not. Christopher has done both though since he’s been in live action shows and movies and he’s done a lot of voice work in his time so he knows how it works on both ends.

It’d be interesting to sit down with someone like Christopher and pick his brain about show business largely because it might give us a new perspective on things from a different point of view that people don’t hear from all the time. Most times people want to know what’s going on in the minds and lives of the big-name stars that are involved in the biggest and most lucrative projects. But to hear anything from a person that’s at Christopher’s level would be kind of interesting since it would be intriguing to learn just what kind of take he has on movies such as the upcoming Little Mermaid live action project and what it was like to be a part of the first animated feature. Chances are a person would hear that he was happy to be a part of it and is at least somewhat interested to see how things might turn out once the movie hits the theaters, but again, we wouldn’t really know unless we spoke to him and found out for ourselves. While we might never get that kind of chance it’s still interesting to think about since if a person was able to speak to every person that had ever played a part they enjoyed or was important to a project it might take some time but it does seem as though a lot of in-depth knowledge about the industry would be revealed.

That being said it does appear that Christopher has been doing just fine in his career since he’s still at it and still working to this day, though some parts he’s left far behind. He’s still relatively young, he’s only 47 after all, but he’s done a great deal of work in his time that deserves a good bit of attention and has thankfully helped him to live a pretty good life and establish a solid reputation and career. What he’ll do in the coming years and whether he’ll stick around for a while to come is hard to say but at this time show business does appear to have been pretty good to him.

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