Could We See Cal Kestis in a Star Wars Movie or TV Show?

Could We See Cal Kestis in a Star Wars Movie or TV Show?

Could We See Cal Kestis in a Star Wars Movie or TV Show?

When looking over the list of characters and locations that are written about and shown in the various Star Wars games and TV series it’s fair to state that there are simply too many to easily count and there are plenty of stories that people feel should be given their spotlight since they’re just that enticing. Cal Kestis is a name that a lot of Star Wars fans know, but it’s not one that everyone knows. The game he’s featured in and is the star of, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is a great look into yet another tale that has a great deal to do with Darth Vader and the many different things he managed to get up to during the years between Revenge of the Sith and the original trilogy, and Cal’s tale is one of the countless others that was brought to the fore to keep filling in the gaps that a franchise such as Star Wars is bound to have. But whether there are continuity issues or folks have a serious lack of imagination when it comes to thinking around corners as is needed to put this entire galaxy together. 

With so many different worlds, so many stories, and so many characters in play there are plenty of opportunities that constantly present themselves when coming up with new tales to tell, and Cal’s feels as though it could be another within the Star Wars galaxy that people would enjoy since he’s another individual that was reluctant to come out of hiding and be who he was, but for good reason. There’s also the possibility that Cal might still be alive in modern times and could even help to rebuild the Jedi if that’s the desire, so seeing a show or movie about him could be enticing enough for many writers to think that they could come up with something that might entertain the masses and jumpstart the future of Star Wars even further. 

The truth is that there are a lot of working elements that are there to be taken advantage of in the Star Wars universe, and most of them would be great ideas if they were fully developed. Seeing Cal take on his series would be fun simply because it’s another direction that a lot of people haven’t looked yet, and while it might take a while for people to invest in this character, it’s still likely that they might find that Cal is someone that might be wise to believe in since his story has been interesting thus far. The opportunity to travel to different worlds and even to those that fans have been aware of for a while sounds like something that could be exciting since the chance to showcase a few of these worlds in greater detail could become an opportunity to bring the fans even deeper into the worlds that they thought they knew from top to bottom. The fact is that there’s always something new to feature in Star Wars, be it a minute bit of detail or a grand look at something that folks might have missed the first few times around. That’s part of what makes the franchise so great. 

Whether or not Cameron Monaghan could be tapped to play the character, since he does voice him in the game, is kind of uncertain, but it would be all kinds of great since the actor would be welcomed by a lot of fans and could be another great addition to the Star Wars franchise. There have been a few words spoken on how things are going to progress in the future of Star Wars, but to this date, talking about who is going to be starring in what hasn’t been a huge concern. It’s been noted that some of the bigger names that have managed to find their way into a Star Wars movie or TV show have been embraced or seen as kind of confusing since some folks might have thought that Laura Dern as Admiral Holdo made sense, while others thought it was one of the worst casting jobs ever. But that’s the thing about this franchise, some of the casting choices made all the sense in the world, while others were strange enough to make a lot of people wonder what was going on. 

The desire to see Cameron in this role is pretty simple, he’s a decent actor and he did a good job with the character in the game. That’s enough to take a chance and see if he could do the same thing in live-action. As far as the story goes, perhaps he could reenact something from the game, or maybe take on a story set years after. In any case, it feels like it would be great to see Cal enter the live-action scene for Star Wars. 

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