The Darth Vader Hallway Scene But With “Holding Out For A Hero”

The Darth Vader Hallway Scene But With “Holding Out For A Hero”

Let’s be honest here, Darth Vader’s hallway scene was good, but Luke Skywalker’s was epic, if only because it was longer and it was against opponents that were substantially more dangerous due to their design. Regardless of that, Luke ran through the dark troopers like he was putting on a clinic for lightsaber combat, while Vader simply waded through a bunch of Republic guards and looked awesome doing it. When set to the song Holding Out for a Hero though, Luke still takes the cake in a big way since he actually was there to save the day as he came for Grogu and was set to cut down anything or anyone that stood in his way. Had the dark troopers been stormtroopers it might have taken even less time, but the cadre of badass ladies took care of that on their way in and cleared the way. It’s fair to state that the women did great, but they might have come up a bit short against dark troopers due to their armored forms and superiority to the regular human troopers.

But against Vader, it feels accurate to state that the ladies might not have fared so well since the fact is that Vader is every bit as awesome as Luke in his prime, and was far more vicious than his son has ever been. In the comics, Luke has fallen to the dark side, and while this obviously not canon it’s a very unnerving thing to think that someone with his level of power would switch sides for any length of time. Luke has been called one of the most powerful Jedi of all time, by multiple fans that can’t agree on anything at times, so saying that he waded through the dark troopers and would have waded through the ladies if he’d had to is pretty accurate. It wouldn’t have helped Mandalorian/Jedi relations any, but thankfully it didn’t come to that.

It’s easy to tell that people are having fun making these videos since more and more of them keep coming out, and the manner in which they’re being created is interesting to look at since a lot of them make it clear that the people doing this are fans of the movies and actually care about what they’re doing. The debate over who the most powerful Jedi in the history of the franchise is though is one that a lot of people tend to enjoy getting into since it does bring up the Sith quite naturally and becomes a pretty big discussion over Force powers, which ones have been presented, which ones haven’t been seen that often, and so on and so forth. Who is more powerful than who is always a big debate when it comes to the Force, but one agreement that a lot of people have come to is that when pitting Luke against Vader, the general idea is that Luke, after learning to harness the Force in a more acceptable manner, would have owned Vader in a big way. The fights leading up to the final fight in Return of the Jedi saw Luke getting beaten quite handily by his father, once he was trained and had formed his own lightsaber, Luke was ready to take on the former Chosen One.

People were understandably stoked when they saw Vader appear in Rogue One only seconds before he started mowing down the Rebel soldiers, and they were just as pumped when they saw Luke appear on Moff Gideon’s ship in The Mandalorian season 2 finale. It’s easy to understand since these are two of the most popular characters in the Star Wars franchise, and getting to see them in action is nothing short of awesome since their ability to chop people down and use the Force in an impressive and meaningful way has been inspiring and entertaining for decades now and has helped the franchise to remain every bit as popular with one generation after another. People have passed Star Wars on to the younger generation without fail and the younger generations have embraced it just as readily, taking up the fandom in their own way as they’ve clung to the ideas that were made popular so long ago.

Videos like this will keep coming out in the days to come since there are plenty of ways to edit these clips and a lot of folks are likely doing so now to show their creative side. It would be great if there was more footage of other Jedi and Sith in action so as to make a super mashup that could be set to a soundtrack that would be sheer awesome. Hopefully there’s someone out there that’s thinking along the same lines and is trying to make it work. One never knows, such a clip could come up at one time or another.

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