10 Things You Didn’t Know About TikTok’s Colin Rea

10 Things You Didn’t Know About TikTok’s Colin Rea

Not to be confused with the Chicago Cubs pitcher with the same name, Colin Rea is a TikTok creator who has been making a name for himself on the app. Although his following isn’t as big as many of the platform’s other influencers, his numbers certainly aren’t anything to scoff at. Colin has amassed over 2.7 million followers and over 225 million likes, and he’ll likely have more before the end of the year.

Through his TikTok videos, Colin has become known for his humorous content and his willingness to show love to other creators. But before his rise to social media fame, Colin lived a completely different life. Read on for 10 things you didn’t know about TikTok’s Colin Rea.

1. Colin Rea Has Served A Prison Sentence

Colin Rea in prison

The fact that Colin Rea had been to prison was never really a secret, but the reason for his time behind bars wasn’t something he made public until recently. When he was 18, he was arrested for robbing a local hotel and store. Less than a year after graduating High School, Colin received his prison sentence.

2. Colin Rea Was On Parole

TikTok Colin Rea video

After Colin Rea’s time in prison, the TikToker was put on parole. This was to ensure he committed to stay out of trouble. The good news is that he has redirected his energy toward creating content and leaving his past behind. It is not known if he is still on parole.

3. Colin Rea Is A Hip-Hop Fan

Colin Rea smiling

Colin Rea has always been passionate about music and is a huge Hip-Hop fan. He often plays songs in the background of his TikTok videos and frequently shares album recommendations on Instagram. However, he prefers more lyrically-driven Hip-Hop over some of the more mainstream stuff today.

4. Colin Rea Has A Close Relationship With His Family

Colin Rea TikTok

When people find themselves in trouble with the law, it can often create a rift in their relationships with their family members. Fortunately for Colin Rea, that doesn’t appear to be the case. He seems to have a great relationship with his family, who provide him with a strong and stable support system.

5. Colin Rea Doesn’t Mind Sharing Stories About His Time In Prison

Colin Rea on TikTok

When people are often released from prison, they choose to distance themselves from this part of their lives as much as possible. However, Colin has taken a different approach. As you can imagine, his social media followers aren’t hesitant to ask him questions about his prison time, and he is more than willing to answer them. He has devoted much time to sharing various stories about his experience as an inmate.

6. Colin Rea Is All About Spreading Positivity

Colin Rea outside

Despite not always making the best choices, Colin strongly believes that you don’t have to let your past determine who you are today or who you will be. He loves using his platform to spread positivity, and he hopes that his story can be an inspiration to others who may come from similar backgrounds.

7. Colin Rea Is From Pennsylvania

TikTok_ Colin Rea

Colin was born and raised in Chambersburg, PA, where he attended Chambersburg High School. His social media posts show he still resides in the area. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising if he chose to move to Los Angeles if his social media career led him into the entertainment world.

8. Colin Rea’s Father Passed Away In 2019

Colin Rea and his dad

On top of his prison stint, Colin’s life has generally been easy in other ways. In 2019, his father, David, passed away at 50. Fortunately for Colin, he was out of prison and able to spend time with David before he passed. He hasn’t spoken much about his father, but he shared an old photo of them with the caption, “Miss you, Pop.”

9. Colin Rea Participated in Black Out Tuesday

TikTok Colin Rea

Colin is very open about serving time in prison, but other than that, he doesn’t share much about his personal life and opinions. On June 2nd, however, he demonstrated his solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by participating in a virtual protest called Black Out Tuesday.

10. Colin Rea Won A $100 Bet For A TikTok Milestone

Colin Rea and his little sister

Colin Rea once shared that his little sister bet him $100 that he won’t be able to get a million followers on TikTok. Judging by his current number of followers on TikTok, not only did he win the bet, he’s on his way to tripling the milestone. At the heart of it all, Colin Rea‘s followers and audiences are more than happy he has been able to turn his life around.

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