Riz Ahmed’s Venom Role Reportedly Revealed: What We Know

When Riz Ahmed was cast on the upcoming Venom movie, it was rumored that he would be playing Carnage, which was created in the comic books to serve as an even more monstrous version of Venom with no sense of morality whatsoever. However, that initial rumor was stated to be false by people involved in the upcoming Venom movie, though they did not reveal what Ahmed’s role would be. Now, it seems that Ahmed’s role has been revealed, though it should be mentioned that this is based on a photo of the set rather than an official announcement.

Who Is Riz Ahmed’s Character?

For those who are curious, it seems that Ahmed will be playing a character named Carlton Drake, who is not particularly prominent in the comic books but nonetheless promises to have an important role in the upcoming Venom movie. In short, Drake is the head of the Life Foundation, which is a collection of survivalists who started up in response to the Cold War. Perhaps unsurprisingly because of its corporate nature, it is interested in building secure facilities that will enable their inhabitants to survive a doomsday scenario, provided that they are rich enough to afford one of the limited spots that are available to interested individuals. Perhaps even more unsurprisingly because of its nature as a comic book organization, the Life Foundation is not just sleazy but also gets involved in a wide range of super-powered shenanigans, which is where Venom comes in.

Simply put, the upcoming Venom movie will be making use of a storyline called “Lethal Protector.” In it, the Life Foundation captured Venom before extracting five symbiotes from him, which were used to create five super-powered individuals with the rather charming names of Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony. Suffice to say that Venom and Spider-man had to team up to beat the five new symbiotes, though comic books being comic books, they managed to survive the eventual explosion so as to make it into other storylines involving the Life Foundation.

Based on this, it seems probable that Ahmed will have an important role as one of the antagonistic figures that Venom will be confronted with in the upcoming Venom movie. However, it will be interesting to see exactly what Drake is interested in as well as what will happen as a result of whatever it is that Drake is interested in. Already, there are reports that the upcoming Venom movie will be featuring not just Carnage but also She-Venom, meaning that the five additional symbiotes from the “Lethal Protector” storyline seem rather excessive under the circumstances. As a result, one can’t help but wonder whether Ahmed’s character will be involved in creating either Carnage or She-Venom as opposed to being involved in a simple and straightforward adaptation of his story from the comic books.

Further Considerations

Regardless, more information is bound to come out as the release date continues to approach for the upcoming Venom movie. For those who are curious, that will happen on October 5 of 2018, meaning that there will be plenty of time for the reveal of more interesting bits and pieces of news for fans to savor at lengths.

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