A New Viral TikTok Video is Claiming Property Brothers is Fake

Property Brothers Forever Home

“Property Brothers,” is by far one of the most famous shows on HGTV. The show has been around for years, and fans have been following brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott since the beginning. The entire premise of the show is to see these twin brothers work in the real estate design game, and the world has been in love since day one. Drew is the one with the real estate knowledge, and his brother Jonathan is the one with the construction knowledge. Together, they are able to help their clients find the home of their dreams – albeit one that might need a bit of work – and bring to life the vision they have when they first see their new home. These two made it big back in 2011, which means these two have been famous for a decade. Their fame has gone from one show to many, and they’ve been able to collaborate with some of the most famous people in the business. They’ve worked with other famous designers, they are recognized everywhere they go, and they are living out their own dreams on national television. They are no longer just the guys who help families bring their dream home to life. They are famous in their own right, and their sheer talent is everything that works well for a design duo. Of course, they are not without some controversy. They’ve had their share of bad press, of criticism, and those wondering if what they are doing is even real.

Now that a new TikTok video has gone viral, it seems the world is questioning what is real and what is not. Is there a chance that this show is not as real as people have been allowed to think for more than a decade? Are these two brothers and this show nothing more than a scam that HGTV is profiting off of? It seems that one former client of the brothers is trying to tell their own side of the story with the video, and it seems unflattering, to say the least.

Property Brothers….A Scam?

According to this new video posted online, these two are a scam and so is their show. While no one has confirmed these rumors, we have to take them with a grain of salt. Unhappy homeowners can be some of the most negative people in the world, and we all know that people with an unpleasant experience are far more vocal than those without. In this video, the person creating it alleges that the brothers did a terrible job working with Paul and Mindy King. The video says that this couple had the brothers do work in their own home, but they no longer feel safe living in their home because of the alleged shoddy work. This couple allegedly spent more than $200k of their own saved money to renovate their home and make it their dream home, and the brothers took that money and left them with a bigger mess than they started with. They claim that they have gas lines, electrical wiring, and other issues that are not up to the current codes and standards. They also claim they have cosmetic issues that are worse than anyone can imagine.

The Allegations are Against Contractors

Let’s be very clear here…the video is not alleging that the brothers themselves did shoddy work on this home. The video alleges that the brothers hired contractors that are not legit to do the work, and that things were not done properly. The couple allegedly filed a lawsuit, but it is nothing that has to do with the brothers. They filed their lawsuit against the production company, and against the construction company that did the work on their home at the time.

The Brothers Remain Quiet

Despite this video having gone viral, the brothers have said nothing about it. They have not confirmed nor have they denied the allegations, and many assume this is acknowledgment in and of itself. However, not commenting is not always telling. While there will always be those who feel the brothers are not commenting because they don’t want to lie by denying it’s true, there is always a chance that their attorneys have advised them not to speak about a situation that is involved in an ongoing lawsuit. Whether or not these allegations are true remains to be seen, but these brothers have had more than a few happy homeowners in the past. Was it merely bad luck to hire a construction company that did not do what they were hired to do, or is this an ongoing issue?

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