10 Things You Didn’t Know about Clara Amfo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Clara Amfo

Clara Amfo is a British radio presenter. Currently, she is the one who handles the mid-morning show for BBC Radio 1, meaning that she occupies a position of considerable influence. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Clara Amfo:

1. Born in Kingston upon Thames

Amfo was born in a town called Kingston upon Thames, which is sometimes shortened to Kingston for the sake of convenience. It is interesting to note that Kingston has been called thus since before modern English became modern English, as shown by earlier versions of its name such as Cyninges tun, Chingestune, and Kingeston. This happened because the town belonged to the king even in Anglo-Saxon times, thus explaining why it has the honor of being the first of the royal boroughs.

2. Her Father Came From Ghana in the 1970s

In the 1970s, Amfo’s father came over to Britain from Ghana. In short, Ghana is a West African country that was once the British Crown Colony of the Gold Coast. Currently, the country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which can sound rather strange for people who are aware that its official name is the Republic of Ghana. However, it should be mentioned that while Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth, there are more republics in it than there are countries that consider her to be their head of state. In fact, there are even some member states that have other monarchs of their own.

3. Studied At St. Mary’s University, Twickenham

Education-wise, Amfo studied at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, which can be found in a suburban town in Southwest London. Even though the school wasn’t founded until 1850, it has the honor of having been the first Roman Catholic university to be founded in the United Kingdom, which is presumably because of England’s status as a Protestant nation starting from King Henry VIII.

4. Started Out As a Marketing Intern

Initially, Amfo was nothing more than a marketing intern with KISS FM. However, it wasn’t too long before her position as a marketing intern turned into a position as a radio presenter for the radio station’s overnight show. Soon enough, Amfo received further promotions, with the result that she became responsible for the Saturday breakfast show and then the drive-time show. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that Amfo shot up in the world of radio within a very short period of time, particularly since this was by no means the end of it.

5. Big Fan of Oprah Winfrey

In the past, Amfo has stated that she is a big fan of Oprah Winfrey, so much so that she once used said individual for her phone’s screen-saver. The exact reason for Amfo’s fondness hasn’t been said, but there are plenty of possibilities, with examples ranging from Oprah’s incredible success to Oprah’s undisputed status as a true pioneer of her chosen field.

6. Has Mixed Feelings About Cooking

Amusingly, Amfo has said that she has mixed feelings when it comes to comes to cooking. On the other hand, she enjoys cooking when she has the time to spare for it; on the other hand, she finds cooking to be kind of frustrating as well because it means having to wait before she can get to the eating. On the whole, Amfo is someone who enjoys her food, though she has been seeking to make more ethical consumption choices when it comes to her meals.

7. Big Fan of Black Panther

Amfo mentioned being a fan of Black Panther when said movie came out. Her reason for being a fan was simple and straightforward. In short, Black Panther offered representation for black people, which is particularly important for those who belong to what Amfo called the diaspora.

8. Feels that Nepotism Might Never Be Wholly Overcome

In the same interview, Amfo expressed the somewhat pessimistic view that nepotism might never be 100 percent eliminated from the entertainment industries. However, that isn’t to say that she thinks that fighting nepotism is therefore pointless. If anything, Amfo’s opinion is quite the opposite, as shown by her clear statement that she believes that there are various initiatives that can be implemented for the sake of giving people without the right connections a fair chance when going up against their better-connected counterparts. In particular, Amfo made a note of diversity, the conscious pursuit of which is something that has helped a wide range of organizations break past previous barriers by encouraging them to seek out a wider range of candidates from a wider range of backgrounds.

9. Believes in the Need For More Considered Sex Education

Amfo has stated a belief in the need for more considered sex education with a particular emphasis on the subject of consent. This was said in connection to the Me Too Movement, which has encouraged a wide range of women to speak out about their experiences when it comes to sexual violence because of the increased seriousness with which their stories are treated. This particular suggestion can sound rather simplistic, but as it turns out, there is evidence to suggest that better sex education programs that puts an increased emphasis on the need for consent in healthy relationships can actually reduce rates of sexual violence.

10. Remains Very Enthusiastic When It Comes to Her Program

Even though Amfo has been with BBC Radio 1 for some time, she remains very enthusiastic when it comes to her program. This is perhaps unsurprising, seeing as how she is a fan of the musical acts that she interacts with on a regular basis, meaning that in a very real sense, she is living the fan’s dream. However, it should be noted that Amfo has noted other upsides of her position as well, with an excellent example being how it has provided her with a platform with which she can communicate her thoughts on important issues with her listeners.

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