10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris and Calvin LaMont

We all know that there is something so special about the HGTV network. This is one network that constantly brings the world new talent, and you just can’t help but find it amazing that there is still so much talent to find in the world. Brothers Calvin and Chris LaMont are two talented young men with a background in construction and real estate, and they are bringing the heat to the HGTV Network with their new show called “Buy it or Build it,” and they are excited. The premise of the show is simple. These brothers work with people to find out if they want to buy and renovate an existing home that might have excellent bones or if they want to build a new home that won’t require any renovations and potential issues. Here’s what you need to know about the LaMont brothers.

1. They are Real Estate Developers

They’re not only real estate developers, though. They are both licensed contractors, and they have worked their way up from owning a small business to building and renovating to finally starring in their own show on HGTV. What else is there in life when you realize just how amazing all of that really is?

2. They are From Texas

Right now, they are both living and working in Texas. They do their work in and around Dallas, which is a major metropolitan area in the state. They do good work, and they have developed a strong reputation there for both themselves and for their own businesses.

3. They are Twins

This is not a shocking statement if you’ve seen their faces, but we thought we’d mention it nonetheless. Most people know they are brothers, and that should be fairly obvious, but they are also identical twins. They love to work together, and their bond is something special.

4. They Were Born in Jamaica

We said they are from Texas, but we mean they are currently from Texas. They are originally from the islands. They were born and raised in Jamaica, but they made the decision together to call Dallas home more than 10 years ago, and that is what they are doing.

5. They are Educated

When they first came to the states, they did so for college. They both attended courses at Lehigh University. Their graduation year was 2007, and that is when they made the decision to go into business together. They chose to go into the world of construction, and they opened their own floor cleaning and janitorial company prior to going into the building and real estate aspect of their businesses.

6. Calvin is an Athlete

When he was in college, he was a varsity football player on the school’s team for a running three years. He was proud of the accomplishments under his belt during that time, and it’s become something of an anomaly for him to focus on things that are so important to him and to make sure he does them well.

7. Calvin is Engaged to be Married

Calvin is also living a good life right now on a personal front. Not only is he a proud dad to a little girl, but he is also newly engaged. Newly as in he asked his long-time girlfriend and the mother of his daughter to be his wife about a year ago, and they are currently planning their wedding.

8. Chris is a Dad

Chris is also a dad, but he has one up on his brother. While it’s certainly not a competition, he just happens to have one more child than his brother. He’s the father of two little boys, and their names are Jayden and Chris Jr.

9. Calvin is the Builder

The entire premise of the show is to find a new way for people to move on with their homes, and they can either build a new one or buy one. One, naturally, is always more prone to one than the other, and that is so true of the twins. Calvin is a proponent of just building a new home from the ground up and making things happen. He’ll go for this option every single time if he has a choice.

10. Chris is the Renovation Lover

He’s the man behind the renovations. He’d like to see things work out in that favor for himself, and he will not apologize for it. He is a fan of a good renovation, and there is certainly something to be said about finding good bones in a home. It is something we all love.

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