Cheetor Sounds Like A New Fan Favorite for Transformers

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Cheetor might not be as well-known to some Transformers fans, but after a solid look at the upcoming Rise of the Beasts trailer, it’s fair to think that he’s already a fan favorite. Fans of the 90s animated series Beast Wars will know who Cheetor is since he’s one of the original Maximals. His form and his general attitude have made him one of the more endearing members of this group. 

Taking a look at his robot form, one could assume that Cheetor would not be among the most powerful. But much like Bumblebee, Cheetor makes up for what he lacks in spirit and courage. As a character that acts more like a headstrong teenager, he tends to be impetuous and always ready to fight. In fact, he’s kind of like a mix between Bumblebee and Hot Rod. 

As a result of his character traits, Cheetor was at times kind of a handful. But much like the relationship between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, Cheetor and Optimus Primal had a very unique bond. A lot of fans have stated that Optimus Primal is a father figure to Cheetor, and they’re not wrong. 

When talking about his popularity, though, it already appears that Cheetor might be challenging Bumblebee for ‘favorite Transformer’ among the fans. 

credit: Transformers

Cheetor is less cautious than Bumblebee

One thing among many to note about Cheetor is that he doesn’t employ the same level of caution as Bumblebee. This character is often ready to fight, but only if it’s bound to do the most good, in his mind. The big difference is that Bumblebee has shown far more tactical knowledge in the past. 

This will stand out as a nice contrast if Cheetor is shown true to form. The Autobots and Maximals feature characters that possess very different temperaments. There have been a couple of Autobots that are always ready to scrap, but Bumblebee has rarely ever shown this capacity. Cheetor, on the other hand, is ready to jump into battle without much need for explanation.

This could attract the fans as it paints Cheetor as a character of action that doesn’t require too much thought. He’s ready to go at a moment’s notice and is loyal and protective of his fellow Maximals, which also helps fans to relate to him. As such, his popularity is almost assured. 

He isn’t shown that much in the Rise of the Beasts trailer

In all fairness, there is a lot to show in the trailer, and it’s easy to think that there’s not enough time to give him that much exposure. What is shown looks impressive since racing side by side with Bumblebee is a great shot. One could look up online who is faster, but it’s bound to be a confusing answer given the very different forms of these two characters. The main point is that they’re both heroic, and if there is any rivalry, it’s bound to be friendly at the very least. 

It’s already been noted in the trailer that the Autobots and Maximals are going to work together against a common enemy. It’s easy to think that the two groups will need to reach an understanding at some point, but otherwise, it feels as though Cheetor and Bumblebee should get along. After all, they’re both particularly close to the leaders of their groups. They also serve a very important purpose in regard to their team. 

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Cheetor is able to evolve like other Transformers

If Rise of the Beasts is successful it does feel as though this franchise could move forward. As Bumblebee has already shown in his several appearances, it is possible for the Transformers to evolve. This is highly advantageous for Cheetor since, despite already being powerful, he has evolved in his own time. Whether or not such an evolution will come in the movie is hard to say. 

It might not matter in terms of this first appearance. It already sounds as though Cheetor is gaining a great deal of attention. Some feel that Bumblebee’s days as the favorite might have come to an end, but in all honesty, it feels necessary. 

Bumblebee is still a favorite, but this could come off as a passing of-the-torch moment

For many years Bumblebee has enjoyed the favor of the fans. He’s a mainstay in the franchise and one of the most heroic characters ever created. Despite his lack of size compared to his teammates, or his power, Bumblebee has faced some of the greatest dangers. 

This is the challenge that is presented to Cheetor, and the hill he’ll have to climb. It already sounds as though he’s gaining the attention that’s needed. Now the character needs to prove that he’s worthy of the fans’ love. 

It does feel that both characters will enjoy the approval of the fans, but Cheetor might stand out as the overall favorite. 

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