Check Out The Avengers All Old and Wrinkly in Aged Portraits from the MCU

Looking at these pictures of the MCU Avengers you can almost hear bones creaking and tendons coming close to snapping since if any of them had reached this old age, and a couple have to be fair when it comes to the comics, then likely their fighting days would be well behind them. Jeremy Renner probably comes closest to his counterpart since in Old Man Logan, Hawkeye did show up and he was old and gray, though he had long hair, a similar beard, and he was blind as a bat, which is kind of amusing since it didn’t appear to throw off his aim at all considering that he used sound to judge where he would put each shot. That’s even funnier since in the comics Hawkeye’s hearing was greatly aided by hearing aids that Tony Stark designed for him since he’d lost most of his hearing after someone jammed a couple of arrows into his ears. A blind and mostly deaf archer sounds like a rather helpless individual, but with at least one of the two senses working, and of course his ability to rely on his instincts as usual, Hawkeye did make it to an old age in one universe and he was still rather impressive, but unfortunately he trusted the wrong people, making it clear that his judgment had deteriorated a bit throughout the years.

Thor is another figure that managed to reach old age in the comics since he did become king at one point and in one timeline he did age greatly, but still maintained the kind of power that was nothing less than awe-inspiring. Even Bruce Banner reached old age at one point, but the gamma radiation he’d lived with for so long ended turning him insane and he became a villain instead, taking over the west coast as he created his own clan of inbred Hulks using his cousin She-Hulk to get it off to a start. Yeah, it sounds disgusting, but the Old Man Logan story line was one that went to a pretty messed-up place since most of the earth’s heroes were dead, and those that were left were either in hiding or had decided to go off and do what they could to survive while staying clear of those that would see them join their companions. Wolverine had the unfortunate luck of being tricked by Mysterio into thinking that his fellow X-Men were villains that had infiltrated the X-Mansion and in a fit of rage he ended up killing them all.

Old Original 6 Avengers from marvelstudios

It’s kind of rare that we ever get to see superheroes age out, isn’t it? For one reason or another they remain young or middle-aged, whenever they’re in their prime really, and that’s where things get a continual reboot as the comics move on, either giving the heroes a death and a rebirth, or in some rare cases a death that they don’t come back from. In the movies, seeing a hero age is something that we don’t really get to experience all that much since it’s too quick and in two hours there would need to be a lot of time jumps to explain away the aging process. Captain America’s aging in Endgame is easy enough, he wanted to go back to live out his life with Peggy, but there were a lot of implications to that since it stood to reason that he might be replacing someone that Peggy was meant to be with, thereby creating another divergent timeline, or it could be that whatever he altered in the past is going to catch up to the future in the MCU. Of course since we were given a crash course on how time travel does and doesn’t work in the MCU, which is way more confusing than anything that we’ve heard before, it’s likely that the movies that are coming out eventually won’t show any such affect. Even if they do most fans will just accept that this is what happens since comic book movies don’t follow the source that much unless they need to.

Obviously Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff are individuals we won’t see turn old since….well, you know. Oh heck, it’s far enough past Endgame now that people can handle it. Black Widow, as much as she’s loved by the fans, needs to stay deceased without any special space or movie magic to bring her back since otherwise it makes her sacrifice pretty much worthless, as it would with Tony’s if he was brought back as anything but an intelligent AI program that could hopefully help out Riri Williams and maybe even a new group of Avengers since let’s be honest, he was the smartest person on the team, and even Riri could use his advice now and again. Some of the Avengers we have managed to see grow old, but others we’ll never get to.

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