Five Things You Didn’t Know about Linda Cardellini

There are many actors like Linda Cardellini that people will claim to know but can’t put a name to the face. She’s been in so many TV and film productions that it’s hard not to recognize her, but the last place you might have seen her can vary. She’s not really a chameleon in that she can change her appearance, but knowing her real name is never much of a priority for many people since they tend to go by the very distinctive look she has rather than anything else.

It’s quite often that people recognize her, but they have to think from where.

5. She won a fireplace on The Price Is Right.

This was back in 1994 before she became a known actress. But if you really take a look at a lot of celebrities you might find a big handful that were on TV at some point before they really hit their stride in their career. Linda is just one of many that could be traced back to a mundane appearance in which she wasn’t a star but she was someone worth noting since she was front and center for something.

4. She is very into martial arts.

She’s enjoyed her time spent learning the martial arts though she doesn’t always specify just what discipline she’s enjoyed. For some people it’s about learning how to defend themselves, and others it’s more about getting out and getting some exercise along with a bit of self-discipline that they feel they might need. It’s hard to tell if Linda really felt the need to continue with it or was just attempting to stay in shape.

3. She had her first child at the age of 36. 

In some ways it seems like people are becoming parents later in life these days, but really and honestly it’s not much different than it’s been for a lot of years. Some folks want to experience life before they settle down and have kids, and it would seem that Linda has certainly done that. Being a first time mom in her mid to late 30’s might be a little bit more of a hassle but in truth it’s a little easier since at this point in her life she’s a little older and a little wiser than she might have been earlier on.

2. She was in Grandma’s Boy.

If you can recall the movie she played the role of Samantha, the new boss in charge of the ‘sea of virgins’ what was the group of video game testers that she was in charge of. Of course she wound up falling in love with the oldest guy there, who was in his 30’s, which is apparently ancient when considering the average age for a tester seems to be from teenage years into one’s 20’s. The movie was uproariously funny however and she did a fair Salt N Pepa impersonation.

1. She’s a very recognizable person. 

Linda is one of those actors you look at and say “I’ve seen her in something, but what?” It’s irritating at times because you know you’ve seen her more than once but you can’t place the movie or show. And then when you least expect it you remember. But once you do you don’t tend to forget her again.

She’s a very talented actress to be quite honest.

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