Mr. Fantastic Will be Recast in the MCU-John Krasinski was a One and Done

Mr. Fantastic Will be Recast in the MCU-John Krasinski was a One and Done
Mr. Fantastic Will be Recast in the MCU-John Krasinski was a One and Done

credit: MCU

It’s a bit disappointing when fans hear that one of their favorite actors won’t be sticking with a role in which they’ve wanted to see that person for so long. Still, the general idea is that if a person doesn’t want to be stuck in a role for that long, they’ll find a way to exit when necessary. That appears to be the case with John Krasinski since his stint as Mr. Fantastic might be over already, given that it doesn’t appear that there are any talks to bring him back for the Fantastic Four movie that many people still want to see or even give him another chance in the MCU. But what fans need to remember is that the information given out by the MCU and the actors who work with them might be a bit misleading at times since, thanks to various leaks that have been seen to happen in the MCU, it’s become common to hear actors say one thing and mean another. In the minds of many fans, this would mean that Krasinski could quickly come back and be a part of the 2025 Fantastic Four movie. It feels like people might be grasping at straws with this idea, but it gives some fans hope when thinking of how great Krasinski might be in this role. As far as who he might be paired with, many would love to see Emily Blunt step up as Susan Storm, but she’s been adamant that such a thing won’t happen. 

Mr. Fantastic Will be Recast in the MCU-John Krasinski was a One and Done

credit: MCU

Several actors have talked about being tied down in the MCU; it might be that Krasinski doesn’t want such a thing

A few actors made it known that being cast in the MCU was great until a certain point since the desire to head off and star in other movies was a desire at some point. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Jeremy Renner all know what it’s like to be cast in multiple movies, as do many others that have been a part of the MCU. It could very well be that Krasinski, who’s been a busy individual for a while now with other projects, might not want to be tied down for a prolonged period so that he can focus on as many other roles as possible to keep from gaining a reputation as an MCU actor. While many of those involved in the MCU was known before joining the MCU, at least a couple didn’t have much to fall back on before they took on their iconic roles. 

Whoever might be cast in his place would have a bit of pressure placed on them

If anyone other than Krasinski had been selected for this movie, or if it had been an unknown, it’s fair to say that whoever is cast into the role next wouldn’t have any stress to worry over when it comes to nailing the character. But while John’s role was short and he was taken out rather quickly, he was still highly appreciated by the fans who had wanted to see him in the movie in the first place. Many had taken guesses about who would show up, but once the trailer emerged, it was fun to think about Krasinski taking on this role for a while and sticking around. Of course, now that it’s been revealed that he won’t be, the conspiracy theorists will think that no means yes in terms of whether he’ll come back, and other fans might wonder who in the world can fill his shoes. 

Mr. Fantastic Will be Recast in the MCU-John Krasinski was a One and Done

credit: MCU

Considering that his character was killed off in the recent Doctor Strange movie, it’s fair to think that another actor wouldn’t be that big of a deal

Thank goodness for the multiverse, right? This means that Krasinski could be switched out for another individual that might exemplify Reed Richards, and no one would be the wiser. Well, that’s the thought anyway, since anyone who’s seen the movie will know very well that things are about to change. But as Krasinski is stating that he’s not returning, it’s necessary to start thinking of who could step up to take on the role of the genius/father/husband of Marvel’s first family. 

The Doctor Strange movie was testing the waters to see how fans would react

This is likely because there was no way to know how fans would take the casting of various characters in this movie. But the reaction proved primarily positive since the call for Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic was being made early. It is hard to say whether he’ll come back at this point, but if anyone is taking him at his word, then it might be that John has dipped his toe in the MCU’s sandbox to see what it was like. Never say never, though. 

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