Old Man Hawkeye? Jeremy Renner Is In

Old Man Hawkeye? Jeremy Renner Is In

Old Man Hawkeye? Jeremy Renner Is In

So far the Hawkeye series has been what people were expecting, a lot of smart-aleck comments with some impressive action thrown in and a list of continuing difficulties for Clint Barton when it comes to trying to do what he wants versus what he needs to do. In other words, it’s been business as usual for the man called Hawkeye, and the disrespect that he’s been afforded for a long time despite being a part of one of the strongest teams in the Marvel universe continues. But what’s really funny is that out of all the MCU stars thus far, it would appear that Renner might be down to stick around for a while to see what will happen rather than heading out once his character’s arc is over and done. The thing is, Hawkeye’s arc might be able to go on and on for a while since, at this point, the six-episode series on Disney+ feels more like a beginning than an ending considering that Renner doesn’t appear ready to go anywhere just yet. That’s a plus for the fans, even those that are willing to criticize Renner’s casting despite the fact that he’s been rather skillful in the role. 

It’s true that Jeremy Renner was kind of a surprise to see in the initial Thor movie as the archer stationed above Mjolnir, waiting for the word to fire on the unknown intruder in the SHIELD compound, Thor in other words, but since then he’s actually been quite enjoyable. In fact, Renner’s career has been on a serious upswing for years now. Even if there are people that still don’t know his name or what he’s been in, Renner has been tearing it up as he’s starred in movies like American Hustle, Tag, and several others that have made good use of him. One personal favorite that was made when he was younger was National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, a little-known movie with Matt Frewer, Renner, and a few other notable names and faces that came together for a funny but, admittedly, stupid movie that was more about gross-outs and humor that would amuse adolescents more often than adults. 

But as far as his career in the MCU has gone thus far, Renner has been solid since he’s been able to portray Hawkeye the way that he’s needed to, which is as a guy with a bow and arrow that works alongside heroes that are super-strong have powers beyond anything he’s capable of, and intelligence that outstrips his own in a big way. But if he had to chance to play the older version of his character it would be even more interesting, especially if this happened to be the version that appeared in the graphic novel, Old Man Logan. The reason this would be more interesting is that in the series we’ve already seen that he has a serious problem with his hearing, which is alluded to be the result of the battles he’s fought, rather than the fact that, in the comics, he had arrows jammed into his ears (seriously), rupturing his eardrums and leaving him almost entirely deaf. 

After that, the story went that Tony Stark made implants for him that helped with his hearing, which made a huge difference. But in Old Man Logan, Hawkeye had gone blind as well, which might have made a lot of people think that he would be utterly useless at that point. But for those that read the comic, it was made apparent very quickly that the loss of his sight did nothing to slow him down since he could pinpoint his targets based on the sounds they made. Obviously, a quiet opponent was far deadlier at that point, but what people have to remember about this character is that Hawkeye is a highly-trained fighter in both the comics and in the MCU, and he’s one of those that exist at peak human condition when he’s in his prime and is only marginally less deadly when he’s old and infirm since his aim is still there and his skills are still intact, but age does rob him of at least a few things that he once possessed. But thinking about an Old Man Hawkeye series is rather interesting since it’s fun to imagine what might happen and what kind of storyline we’d be given to enjoy.

Old Man Logan was what a lot of people thought that Logan would be like, but there were only a few moments that might have been taken from the graphic novel. If Old Man Hawkeye did come around as a series it feels as though it would be best to lead into Old Man Logan and show a world where the villains won and the heroes were decimated. But if such a thing is coming, it’s likely a long way off yet. 


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