This Video on the Fascinating History of Pickles

This Video on the Fascinating History of Pickles

This Video on the Fascinating History of Pickles

It’s easy to say that the average person could walk by the pickles in the grocery store and not bat a single eye, since unless a person is really into pickles it’s likely that they won’t give them a second thought. But the fact is that the pickle, or pickled cucumber as many people are familiar with, has been around for quite a while as the clip states and it’s been a part of a healthy diet for much of that time. In fact, it was something that helped to keep sailors alive and well during their journeys, since the dietary benefit gained from pickled foods has long been seen to have a definite effect on a person’s overall health. Today we tend to see pickles as just another item at the market, something to chop up and put in relish or slice up and put on a burger or something else. But pickled cucumbers and other vegetables have been around longer than many people would realize since the process of pickling isn’t too hard and the benefits are easy to see. There are plenty of people out there who don’t like anything pickled, and then there are those that like everything pickled. A lot of folks enjoy a healthy balance of pickled foods since pickled cucumbers, kimchi, and several other pickled items are actually pretty good.

Pickled items have even been featured prominently in pop culture at times as well since anytime one might see a deli or sandwich shop being featured in a movie or TV show you’ll be likely to see pickles and a sandwich as part of the menu, especially if the story is taking place in an area that happens to specialize in such foods. There’s even a movie where they’re actually important to the main character titled The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler. The protagonist played a cobbler, hence the title, who one day found out that he could assume the identity of anyone after stitching their shoes together with an old-fashioned stitcher that his father had left him. This ability was due to the stitcher being a part of an old legend, though the cobbler had kept the stitcher in the basement since he preferred to use modern-day tools. When his stitcher broke down he had no other choice than to use the old stitcher, which carried the ability that allowed him to change. The thing about this however was that the character was already seen eating pickles throughout the movie out of habit, but it was revealed later on that pickles helped to preserve his true identity when he changed, otherwise he could end up forgetting who he was. It was an interesting story to be certain, but the movie didn’t get a lot of rave reviews.

Another fun moment in TV history involving pickled cucumbers came during the show Modern Family when Jay, played by Ed O’Neill, attempted to get Manny, Rico Rodriguez, to eat a pickle, something that Manny was almost phobic about. It came down to Gloria, Sofia Vergara, rubbing their dog Stella’s belly, Jay eating blood sausage, to ensure that Manny would at least try the pick, which was pretty funny since it ended up being a funny scene in the show. The point is that pickled vegetables and other foods have been making an appearance for quite some time and have been a culinary delight that some people love and others can’t stand for longer than most people might think. As a rather common food that a lot of people can’t help but enjoy or at least have in their home from time to time, pickled foods are something that doesn’t get a lot of attention but do manage to show up on a regular basis since they’re good for a lot of purposes. Pickled eggs are something that kind of requires one to really enjoy them, but they used to be featured prominently in bars and were consumed fairly often. The taste of a pickled egg is something that a person has to judge for themselves since it could be deemed great or it could cause a sprint to the nearest toilet since not every individual happens to be enamored of pickling when it comes to certain foods.

Pickled garlic is actually quite nice since it has a decent bite to it and a type of tangy sweetness, and something else depending on how they’re pickled. That’s the fun thing about pickling really since it can be influenced by a host of other ingredients that can give the pickled item a very distinctive flavor. Pickled cucumbers of course are the easiest food to recognize when it comes to pickling, and one of those that is the most commonplace in this era. But if one has an open mind they might want to try a number of different pickled products, since the experience is worth it.

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