Will The MCU Ever Be Rebooted?

Will The MCU Ever Be Rebooted?
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This is a question that’s already been asked by a lot of people, but it’s going to keep popping up so long as the MCU appears to be walking down the path of delusion that it’s been treading since it decided to go woke. Whether it’s ever going to go broke as some think or if it’s bound to lose its efficiency as a franchise is tough to say since the fanbase hasn’t really gone anywhere despite the massive number of complaints that have been heard for years now. But at one point, it might appear that a franchise-wise reboot might be the best idea if things don’t level out at some point. The emergence of Wakanda Forever and the idea that shows like She-Hulk are going to clap back at those who were fully expecting to fully support such efforts makes it feel as though the MCU is going to dive even deeper into the idea that forced diversity and inclusion are the best ideas possible, and that telling an honest story with natural flow is an outdated concept. If that’s the case, then a reboot might be the only thing that will save this franchise at some point. 

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Alienating your fanbase, especially on purpose, isn’t a smart move. 

The fact that the people behind She-Hulk admitted that the show was made to troll the male fans of the franchise was one of the worst decisions that could have been made in the history of the MCU. In a sense, the MCU can be likened to food service in this regard since, as toxic as a customer can be, those working in the place don’t get to lash out at the customers. Not only does this bring the workers down to the same level as the people they’re barking back at, but it shows that the workers have no chill when it comes to dealing with difficult people. She-Hulk, and a few other shows and movies, could have clapped back in a much more intelligent manner that would have likely gone over the heads of toxic fans and allowed them to blindly enjoy the material without realizing that they’d been punked. But instead, the MCU has made it clear that they’re going to descend to the same level as the fans that make a lot of other people look bad due to their incessant need to remain toxic. 

A reboot would bring things back to square one, but it doesn’t feel like it would fix everything. 

Starting everything over is a solution that would give rise to a lot of new or similar problems in the MCU since, like it or not, everyone has their own way of doing things, and hitting the reset button wouldn’t eliminate that. A reboot of the franchise might bring in those who have even worse ideas that would tank the MCU in a way that might bring a nostalgic tear to the eyes of toxic fans who didn’t realize how good they had it. The current MCU isn’t perfect by any means, but if there’s a way to turn things around, then it would be nice to see how that might work rather than going back to the beginning again to see things ruined in an entirely different way. 

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To date, the MCU appears satisfied with slapping a bandage on the problems it’s created instead of fixing them entirely. 

As of now, the MCU has made a lot of slips, and it feels as though they’ve continued to pile the stories on top of their mistakes to help people forget and move on. The problem with this is that not only does it not work, but makes a lot of people believe that the MCU has little to no idea what they’re doing when it comes to telling the overall story of the Marvel Universe. This is debatable since there have been plenty of great moments, but instead of fixing things and righting the ship, the MCU has gone out of its way to keep moving forward while tipping things to the point that feels as though it’s going to upend the franchise at one point or another. 

If there were a compromise that could be made, it’s possible that a reboot wouldn’t even be up for discussion. 

A compromise is the only way that things could be mended at the moment since a complete reboot would be horrendous and not only that, it might take years, possibly even a decade or more, to create the same effect that the MCU had to begin with. People have been griping about the movies in the MCU for a while now, and it’s not bound to stop any time soon. But at the very least, a reboot probably shouldn’t be the first idea that people cling to when it comes to making things work. 

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