5 Actors Who Should Consider Joining the MCU

5 Actors Who Should Consider Joining the MCU
Ana de Armas says 'there's no need for a female Bond' | EW.com

credit: No Time to Die

It might sound like a lot of gossip to say that there have been people around Hollywood that have badmouthed the MCU and the comic book genre in general and have even told others not to bother trying to act in a comic book movie, but then again, it might not. The truth is that people do have their opinions, and instead of trying to invalidate them, it’s better, sometimes, to understand them. But that’s for another article since, at this point, it’s easy to wonder who might be better served by adding their name to the MCU roster. It could be said that joining the DCU might benefit actors as well, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll look at joining the MCU, possibly, if the actors listed below ever became interested. The idea of not trying out for a role in the MCU simply because others say that it’s career suicide is kind of ridiculous since becoming Tony Stark actually revived Robert Downey Jr.’s career, and becoming Thor kickstarted Chris Hemsworth’s career in a big way. It’s true that not everyone has had the same level of success, but it’s easier to see how individuals thrive or fail than it is to cling to a generalized statement that the genre is simply wrong for top-tier actors and those making their way up. 

With that in mind, here are five actors who might benefit from adding their names to the MCU. 

5. Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas Gets "dangerous" in 'The Gray Man' Sticking with Ryan Gosling  - Netflix Junkie

credit: The Gray Man

Like a couple of people on this list, Ana de Armas is already a star since she’s placed her name among some of the greats as she starred in Hands of Stone with Robert de Niro and several others and took part in a Bond movie as well as The Gray Man, both which are action-packed. She’s proven that she can take on an action role, so perhaps giving her something that would allow that talent and skill to show even further would be a great idea. There’s a large number of characters that have yet to be introduced into the MCU from the Marvel Universe, and there are several that come to mind when thinking of Ana. 

4. Zac Efron

Zac Efron says obtaining 'Baywatch' physique had devastating effects

credit: Baywatch

A lot of people would love to see Zac Efron take on the role of Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, but whether or not that’s going to happen is up for debate since the truth is that Efron is starting to reach the age that might not be right for the role. But there are plenty of other roles in the MCU that need a cocky individual that’s sure of himself and thinks he can do anything. Then again, there are roles that are humbler and could show his more reserved side, as he’s shown that he can accomplish this as well throughout his career. Either way, Zac is one of those that people would love to see make his way to the MCU for one role or another. 

3. Amber Midthunder

Prey's Amber Midthunder Talks MMA, Native American Culture, And Meeting The  Predator | Movies | Empire

credit: Prey

It’s only with a slightly grudging amount of respect that it can be said that Amber Midthunder has proven herself worthy of being an action star. Her role in Prey felt as though it was built up a little too much at times, but she turned in a great performance despite the virtue signaling that the movie flirted with now and then. With that pushed to the side, though, she’s still a worthwhile actress and someone who could bring another couple of characters to the big screen, or even the small screen, for the MCU. When looking through the characters that have yet to be introduced, there is plenty she could take on. 

2. Al Pacino 

Movies Like Heat That Are Definitely Worth Watching

credit: Heat

It’s true that he’s not a young man any longer, and he’s not even middle-aged since he’s in his early 80s at this point. But there are plenty of roles that could use Al Pacino in the MCU. He could come in with a cameo or a short role that might highlight his skills and help to continue his legacy as a stellar actor. He’s been so great in so many movies that a lot of people have forgiven a couple of his duds in the past, like Jack and Jill. But it does feel that he might be able to take on the role of an elder of the universe or someone else of unimaginable power who doesn’t need to look impressive to actually BE impressive. That might be just the trick to make this work. 

1. Brendan Fraser

DC's Batgirl Casts Doom Patrol's Brendan Fraser as Villain

credit: Doom Patrol

Fraser has proven that he still has gas in the tank when it comes to his acting ability, which means that he’s not done and could be recruited to take on one role or another. It’s fair to say that there are a few roles that might be denied to him, but his acting and his capability of taking on an action role should be taken into account when thinking about his contribution. If nothing else, he could be another great cameo or short role that could be used later on if he was open to such a thing. 

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