Quentin Tarantino Is Now Bashing the MCU. Of Course He Is

Quentin Tarantino Is Now Bashing the MCU. Of Course He Is
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Let’s get one thing straight: people have the right to say what they like and form their own opinions, and Quentin Tarantino has never been shy when it comes to sharing what he thinks about anything or anyone. The only issue to speak of is the fact that he’s been given elite status by being a director that’s managed to snag the attention of millions of people with his movies. Now, calling Tarantino overrated is an argument that I’ll happily get into in another article, but as of now, it’s been noted that Tarantino has given his two cents about the MCU and why he would never want to direct a movie for this genre.

Hey, it’s not for everyone, as it’s already been evidenced by a few directors that have given us a few less-than-worthwhile movies and TV shows, but thinking that Tarantino has to speak from his position of authority (sarcasm, total sarcasm) about how he would never become a ‘hired hand’ as he tends to think of MCU directors, is kind of laughable. He gets to have his opinion, as has already been stated, but at the same time, he’s no better than the other elite directors who have decided to whine and complain about the MCU and how much attention it’s being given. The lot of them appear to be munching on the same sour grapes that were shared by Martin Scorsese not long ago and are continuing to chew no matter how miserable they sound. 

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Of course, the MCU has its issues. There’s no denying that. 

There are movies and streaming shows that have been great and some that have been miserable since the fans have made it clear that their displeasure with some of the newest additions comes from the idea that the MCU has decided to go woke and shave off a lot of its former edge. Not every movie or show is going to land in the same manner, and the continuity of the franchise is kept in close quarters as much as possible.

Tarantino can’t really talk when it comes to his own movies since, while his loosely gathered stories do have a fair amount of autonomy, he’s managed to connect a few ideas here and there over the years. Tarantino has made movies that made people think, but after the first initial viewing, one can easily watch the movie again and start pointing out the fact that he’s making a fairly realistic movie, but dialing it up to 11 and beyond. His brilliance is kind of limited to telling a realistic story that feels like a graphic novel coming to life. Hey, he might have more of a chance of creating a comic book movie than he thinks. 

Likening Tarantino to a manic snake oil salesman isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s close.

The fact that his stories could easily be found on a comic panel is one of the reasons why it’s tough to take him seriously when he states that he would never work for the MCU. The fact that he’s likened those who direct for the MCU as hired hands is kind of funny since, looking at the many people that have defended his movies and made them so famous over the years, it’s kind of easy to state that some of them have been brainwashed into thinking that he’s done anything that special.

He tells a fun and entertaining story, there’s no doubt about that, but in the long run, Tarantino is one of many individuals who managed to get a lucky break because he created a story that was popular at the right time, and he was given a vote of confidence by people who were looking for something that was just entertaining enough to believe in.

Are his movies entertaining? Definitely, without any doubt. Is he a genius when it comes to filmmaking? That’s kind of debatable since he’s made a couple of great movies, but the rest of them have been marred by the fact that he has a definite style that he doesn’t deviate from that often, meaning that like a lot of directors, he’s going to stick to his guns when it comes to the way he does things.  

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At the end of the day, Tarantino is a director that’s fooled a lot of people into believing that he’s a genius. 

Thinking for yourself when it comes to movies is kind of a muddy proposition since trying to speak your mind about one movie or another might gain support or a great deal of criticism.

There have been plenty of individuals that have spoken out about Tarantino’s movies for one reason or another, but the moment someone decides to criticize the man as a director, or state that his movies are a bit ridiculous, everyone who idolizes Tarantino, and even Tarantino, will pipe up and state that these people simply don’t understand what he’s trying to do and can’t since they’re not intelligent enough, or something similar. Meh, it happens, and it comes with the fact that everyone has their opinion. 

He might be a good director, but he’s far from great for several reasons, one of which is kind of obvious. 

The fact that Tarantino had to take a dig at the MCU is a big reason why he’s like several other directors in thinking that their ‘elite’ view is the definitive mindset for movies, especially when it comes to directing. To say that Tarantino is a bit arrogant is a serious understatement, but to say that he’s bought into his own hype is very accurate. 

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