Let’s Talk About John Wick Spinoff “The Ballerina”

Let’s Talk About John Wick Spinoff “The Ballerina”

Let’s Talk About John Wick Spinoff “The Ballerina”

It was either inevitable or simply planned this way since it would appear that The Ballerina has been an idea that hadn’t been put in motion until recently as Ana de Armas is currently in talks for the John Wick spinoff, possibly to star as the lead actress. Having recently starred in a Bond movie it’s not a big leap really for Armas, whose career has been building steadily over the years with several big appearances, is someone that people should probably still be keeping an eye on since to this date she’s taken on a variety of roles that paint her as the protagonist and at times the antagonist, showing that she has an incredible range at this time. This quality can definitely make for an impressive showing if she does in fact take on the lead role and decides to exist within the John Wick universe, which would be kind of cool, especially if there’s any possibility of a cameo or more from the famed assassin. But that might be expecting a little too much, especially since Wick’s presence might overshadow this story just a little. 

But having gone a bit further into the hidden world that created John Wick, one can’t help but wonder how many possibilities might remain at this time since the training facilities that were revealed might bring to mind images of Black Widow from the MCU and make a person wonder just how many operatives there really are working in Wick’s world. Obviously, from the visual that was given at the end of John Wick 2 and the beginning of John Wick 3, there are A LOT of assassins that pose as regular folks within the city limits, and there are plenty in other areas around the world as well. This could make a person think that the entire world that John Wick inhabits is dominated by secret assassins, but that might get a little too silly for the story. At some point, there need to be regular citizens that can’t kill people with pencils or anything else they might have at hand. 

The thought of Armas being turned into an assassin is interesting though since she just came off a role as a CIA agent that was helping James Bond, so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to further that training and see her take on another role that could give her the appearance of a trained individual. This time, however, things would be quite different since it’s very likely that the titular role would see her used in a very different way, and it’s likely that much like Wick that she would possibly be making an attempt to break free of her handlers, or at least part on good enough terms that she might be able to come back at one point and utilize the resources that were available to her. Right now it’s kind of difficult to say what might happen since a lot of people know the world of John Wick just well enough to reason that getting into it might be the easy part, but getting out is obviously a lot more difficult than many people might realize. 

At the moment all we know is that the spinoff is apparently happening, but there aren’t a whole lot of details to use when it comes to describing what will happen and who else will be starring in the movie. Plus, there’s no way to know if there will be any other spinoffs and if Wick’s universe will continue to expand or keep close to the core characters that have made it so great at this point. What is known is that if Armas does take this role is that there will likely be a lot of people who will be interested in seeing what she can do and a lot of comments as to whether or not the spinoff will go anywhere or if it will stall before it ever gets the chance to show what it’s all about. That’s rather common when it comes to anything that people don’t know that much about, but it’s a belief that Ana will be able to take on this role and make it into something that people will fully enjoy if it does happen since she’s been great so far in just about everything she’s done. 

I might be hyping Ana up a little more than usual, but it’s a simple feeling that she’s destined for something greater than what she’s done so far. It could be inaccurate or it could be something that a lot of other people are feeling as well given her track record at this point, but The Ballerina could be a part of what sets her on a path that will benefit her career in a big way. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

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