The Reason Why Brett Butler is Broke and Asking for Money

The Reason Why Brett Butler is Broke and Asking for Money

Many people are going to read this story detailing how Brett Butler fell hard into the depression that apparently runs in her family at one point and was unable to break free from it soon enough to do something about her financial situation. Getting away from Hollywood can be a great thing for some folks, but when it comes to the finances and living within your means it becomes difficult for some to give up the life they enjoyed at one point, and this would appear to be the case, in part, that Butler had to deal with. In the spirit of feeling any sort of sympathy for her, it’s a little tough simply because she had a great career for a while and was one of the highest-paid actresses on TV at one point, but after leaving show business it was kind of expected that she might find herself needing a little something extra since like it or not, the moment someone leaves they’re bound to become a memory unless they’re someone that people simply can’t do without.

Let’s be honest, Butler is a good actress, but in terms of being one of the many that fans might throw a fit over if she were to disappear, this simply isn’t the case. She most definitely deserves the chance to come back and do something great, as she’s been trying to do this for a while now, but apparently, her pay simply isn’t enough to keep up with her bills. Many have contributed to the GoFundMe account that was set up for her, even though it sounds as though Butler had to be convinced that it was a good idea. There are still many that would mirror her misgivings since the fact is that many GoFundMe accounts have been horribly abused and created for those that are fully capable of turning their lives around. That’s why contributing to Butler’s account might be less than desirable for a lot of folks, as they might figure that as an actress she should be able to come up with some way to either downsize or minimize her bills in some way.

Many would argue that depending on where she lives and what kind of expenses she has it’s not at all acceptable to throw doubt or shade in her direction, but if those same people are having trouble believing that an actor can get work and find ways to pay off certain debts, then the debate to come would be a hot one indeed. The whole idea that an actor can simply make things happen when they want to is naive, and yet so is the idea that an actor can’t get a job to support themselves and their family. The fact that Butler’s pay isn’t as good as it used to be isn’t too hard to explain since she’s not a headliner any longer, and while it might sound completely unfair, so does the idea that an older actor who many people have to look up on Google might make the same or more than an actor that is getting the kind of attention warrants their paycheck.

The point is that Butler’s plight is real, and she does need help, but at the same time one still has to wonder how it is that some actors don’t manage to plan ahead and create some type of personal fund that they might be able to tap into in order to help out when, and if, hard times ever occur. The depression she suffered through isn’t her fault and it’s not something to make light of, but the lack of planning and foresight is at this moment no one’s fault but Butler’s, which makes the GoFundMe account feel a bit tough to agree with, especially since at one time she was at the top of her game and could have been socking money away for a rainy day, so to speak. Plus, learning to live within one’s means, like it or not, is a very real thing. The fact that a person will want the bigger and better home when they’re on top, and the ability to be as mobile as possible since they can afford it, is great. But what happens if it all goes away in what could be a very short time?

An actor might find themselves without any recourse if they don’t put something away for later, to live on when and if they absolutely need it. There’s no doubt that many will find empathy and sympathy for Butler and will help her to achieve the goal set for her account so that she doesn’t get evicted. Maybe it makes some of us hard-hearted, maybe it makes us a little cold, but the fact is that if anyone should be able to put money away for later when it’s needed, it’s someone that was at the top of their game at one time.GoFundMe account

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