Emma Stone is Now Officially the World’s Highest Paid Actress Passing Jennifer Lawrence

Emma Stone is Now Officially the World’s Highest Paid Actress Passing Jennifer Lawrence

Emma Stone is Now Officially the World’s Highest Paid Actress Passing Jennifer Lawrence

There’s a new actress on top of the mountain. Emma Stone has passed up Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. The star of La La Land has made and estimated, pre-tax,$26 million this year, topping out over Aniston who made $25.5 million, and Lawrence, who made $24 million. This is a huge increase in her pay and is also a serious matter as the constant issue of the pay gap between men and women has been addressed right along with it.

Stone has actually come out and stated that her male costars have begun to take pay cuts in order to make the pay gap a little more equal between men and women. She states that it has actually given her hope that the issue is being addressed and that more and more people will start to take notice. The growing issue in American concerning the pay gap has been ongoing now for many years and as of yet nothing has really been done to raise enough concern for the issue to affect any type of change.

A good deal of her current pay has come from the hit movie La La Land. Lawrence and Aniston both are making continuous money from their commercial appearances and have been holding steady at their current earnings. There’s no telling how long Emma Stone will last at the top but for now she is the highest paid woman in all of Hollywood. The only issue that remains is that men still double and even triple their pay in relation to women, pulling in much greater sums per movie on average than women and gaining endorsement deals that pay them even more.

Many of us looking at the type of pay that actors receive might scoff and even roll our eyes at the thought of quibbling over anything when one is making millions. The truth of it is however that a great deal of those golden paychecks go to agents, lawyers, an extravagant lifestyle that, wow, that didn’t make it sound any better. For the most part though actors do tend to pay more money for more things that average citizens do not. The money that goes to their agents and to their lawyers and other specialists would likely be enough to feed and house a good-sized family for an entire year or more. But we were talking about the pay gap weren’t we?

Emma Stone has been quite vocal about the gender disparity when it comes to the rate of pay that men and women receive overall. For those not making millions it is a very real phenomenon, as the rate of living has gone up and up throughout the years and the cost of necessities between men and women have been seen to be highly unequal. Women earn less but pay for more. They are expected to live for pennies when men make dollars. While it isn’t fair, it is hard to equate this argument with those that make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per paycheck.


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