Whatever Happened to Kelly Packard?

Whatever Happened to Kelly Packard?

When it comes to the old Baywatch crew it’s very easy to think that only a few of them really managed to do much with their career since we don’t hear a lot about a good number of them unless we do some digging. Kelly Packard is still working to this day and she’s led a pretty active life at this point. It might be interesting for a lot of people to recall that she had four different parts on Baywatch which is kind of unique in a way since it’s not something that happened all the time and it should have easily made her stand out apart from the others. But the one thing about Baywatch at this point and time is that it’s a tired idea for some and while it might still be a desired show for a lot of people that enjoy the nostalgia it’s something that kind of ran its course before finally saying goodbye, apart from reruns. Still, Kelly has kept her career moving forward as she’s participated in plenty of other TV shows along the way and even has a couple that are in production at this time. Whether or not people are going to remember her is all a matter of who was a fan of the show and of Kelly’s and who watched Baywatch just to see the lifeguards in their skimpy outfits.

She did get caught up in the whole Taebo craze when it came along and worked with Billy Blanks for a good deal of time as Taebo, if you can remember, was a big deal for a while and did manage to get a lot of people on board since it’s still a very energetic workout and there are enough variations and lessons that it could do a lot of people some good if they got into it. The 45-year old Kelly hung around with Blanks for long enough to help promote the whole deal and obviously benefited from it as well since if you’ve ever participated in Taebo you’d know that much like Zumba it’s a very fast-paced exercise that kicks a person into gear and, if they follow it for long enough, can produce some very obvious results. Apart from that however Kelly did go on to become a spokeswoman for a couple of other things in her career that helped to keep things stable and allowed her to continue forward.

Her net worth isn’t the highest in the industry but at this point it would be a little hard to think that it might be since it’s around $1.5 million, which is still a comfortable life given that it’s likely allowed her to do what she wants and experience a very comfortable existence. As far as being known however it’s likely that Baywatch fans might still know a lot about her, at least her characters, but as far as anyone else it might take some digging to unearth just who she is and what she’s done with her life. Like so many other actors that have been a part of something great in the past she’s someone that has earned her fame and kept a moderate lifestyle rather than attempt to get any bigger. Acting is obviously still a passion since she hasn’t retired and doesn’t appear to be planning to any time soon given her current schedule. For some it might appear that Kelly is one of those that managed to get by on her looks and might still do so but in reality it’s likely that, along with many other women in the industry, looks are one of the only things she gets judged by when it comes to many people.

Her acting talent has obviously been good enough to keep her around though since going just on looks isn’t the best way to live considering that Hollywood has run through and over many upon many people that have the look but couldn’t act if their lives depended on it. That alone is reason enough to think that she’s fairly good at what she does but not quite ambitious enough to put herself out there for every major role she can find. Some folks happen to like the path they’ve selected and have made it work for them throughout the years. Being famous isn’t always the biggest goal that those in show business possess. Sometimes it’s the chance to be moderately famous and do enough with their lives to get noticed so that they can build up a comfortable life and a decent reputation among those that follow them. It makes sense in a very reasonable way since if one takes a look at the lesser-known celebrities they’ll find that they don’t always have to deal with the constant press and possible negative attention that big-name celebrities are subjected to. Sometimes being a lesser celebrity is a blessing.

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