10 Things You Didn’t Know about Raul Esparza

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Raul Esparza

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Raul Esparza

Unless you’re a theater buff Raul Esparza almost seems like a surprise that just suddenly came out of left field to announce his presence on TV and in movies. Thankfully the guy is pretty good at what he does and if you look at his credits you’ll soon figure out why. He’s had so many nominations and won so many awards in his time that it’s no wonder why he can act with such poise and professionalism when he’s in front of an audience or a camera. The fact that he seemed to waltz right in and start gaining even more fans becomes clear since the talent it takes to become a stage actor is impressive, but the extra bit that it takes to become successful at it is even more so. For as long as he’s been in the business it’s very simple to deduce that he’s gained the confidence and the know-how to get around, so the idea of wondering just where he came from goes away quickly when you start reading about him.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He stars in Law & Order: SVU.

He came in as a recurring character in season 14 and by season 15 was a regular. After six seasons though he decided to step down and pursue other opportunities. While was there however Barba turned out to be another controversial but very astute ADA, as SVU seems to attract the type of character that skirts the line between legal and illegal. The show seems to thrive on having an ADA that will bend almost to the breaking point at times.

9. His family was born in Cuba.

Raul was the only one of his family that wasn’t born in Cuba as he was born in America. He does consider himself Cuban-American however and is proud of his heritage. It’s easy to agree with him since where he was born and who he was born to are pretty much who he is.

8. He’s a well-known stage actor.

His stage credits are simply insane to look at as he’s been prominent in the theater for so long that it’s a wonder that he didn’t stay and decide to become even bigger. Perhaps though he felt that he’d reached his peak and needed something different.

7. He’s received 4 nominations for Tony Awards in 5 years.

Even if you don’t follow theater that is quite impressive since the Tony Awards are what many theater actors look forward to with great anticipation and a willingness to do anything to earn even one nomination, let alone an award.

6. He had a part in Ferdinand.

He voiced the part of Moreno, the man that owned the bull farm from which Ferdinand came from. It’s not fair to say that Moreno is a villain since he’s doing what he can to run a successful farm, but since Ferdinand is the protagonists of the story it’s also fair to say that Moreno, while just doing what he feels is right, kind of adds to the problem of bulls being killed during the fights.

5. His career started in 1993.

He’s been around a lot longer than some people seem to realize since back in the 90s people probably didn’t know about him as much as they do now. But thankfully he’s stuck to his guns and managed to make quite a career with his talents.

4. He’s won quite a few awards for his acting.

It’s kind of amusing but also inspiring that he’s won so many different awards but has always seemed to come up just short when it comes to winning a Tony. Perhaps one of these days he’ll come up with a performance that will nab the elusive award, but until then there’s no need to complain since he’s racked up an impressive array of accolades.

3. His filmography isn’t that extensive.

It would almost seem as though Raul picks and chooses his projects carefully or simply lies low and waits for people to call him with parts that he seems right for. In any case his resume isn’t that long but again, there could be a pretty good reason for it.

2. He has confirmed that he’s bisexual.

There’s not a lot to write on this since the proclamation pretty much says it all. Everyone’s got their own interests and desires and so long as they’re comfortable with and with other people knowing then so be it, that’s their life and the way they want to live it.

1. He married his high school girlfriend.

There are quite a few people that can say this and it’s rather touching, but Raul and his wife did separate and then divorce about a decade ago. Sometimes people change and what you wanted in a person back then just isn’t enough now.

He’s certainly been fun to watch so far so maybe he’ll keep popping up as time goes on.

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