The Insane Reason Rebel Wilson Pursued an Acting Career

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The insane reason that Rebel Wilson pursued an acting career might not seem so insane to her but could be seen as a fever dream to the rest of us. Or maybe it’s something that seems at least a little possible since she’s been tearing it up for a while now. She might not be the most popular actress in Hollywood just yet but she’s been easily recognized and even adored by some fans in the Pitch Perfect films and in her other roles. The reason why she got into acting though had to do with a trip she made to South Africa as an Australian youth ambassador. During the trip she contracted malaria, and it was during a fever-induced hallucination that she apparently saw herself winning an Academy award.

Feel free to laugh, it does seem like a bit of delirium that might elicit such a response. But once you’re done with that realize that once she came on the scene Rebel started getting noticed with pretty much anything she did. At this point it’s become more than evident that she can hang with the A-listers and give as good as she gets. She’s been in such films as Pain and Gain, Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,  and the Pitch Perfect movies. So far she’s been great at what she’s doing and while she’s not everyone’s favorite she’s still managed to curry enough favor with fans that they want to see more of her.

It might still be a little premature to state that she’s worthy of an Academy award but keep in mind that she’s young and still has a lot of time left to make that kind of an impact. What she’s done to this point has created a wonderful and solid base for a career, now it’s a matter of seeing if she has the staying power and the ability to keep her act going. It will also pay off if she learns how to diversify and possibly change up her acting skills a bit just so she doesn’t seem to be playing the same character in all her roles. Unfortunately at this time Rebel seems to play the same, sarcastic individual that either pretends to know a lot about something or actually knows a little bit but flaunts it with a little too much gusto.

She’s a fun character to watch but the only issue at this time is that she needs a little more experience and she needs a chance to show the true range of her acting talents. Until she’s managed to star in a drama or something else that breaks her out of the sarcastic, sassy mode that she does so well, she won’t really grow as an actor. That would be a shame because she does show a lot of promise. Rebel has a lot going for her and her career could take a seriously positive upswing if she were to show in increase in her range and blow the audience away yet again.

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