10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Thurston

First impressions are everything and Katie Thurston sure knows how to make one. During the season premiere of The Bachelor, Katie left everyone shocked when she pulled out a dildo during her first conversation with Matt James as she was getting ready to head into the Bachelor mansion. Matt was a good sport about it, but some of the other women were a little put off by the whole thing. Even though her unconventional introduction may have rubbed some people the wrong way, it helped her get a rose at the end of the first episode. There’s still a long season ahead, but Katie is ready to show Matt and the rest of the world why she deserves the final rose. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Katie Thurston from The Bachelor.

1. She’s A Washington Native

Katie is a proud Pacific Northwest native who was born and raised in Washington and currently lives in the Seattle area. Although she loves living in her home state, she will likely have to pack up and move if she’s chosen as the winner of The Bachelor, so hopefully she doesn’t mind the idea of living in New York City.

2. She Isn’t Afraid To Speak Her Mind

The last few years have been a very polarizing time for people in the United States. While some people have become afraid to speak their mind out of fear that it could come back to haunt them, others have stood firm in their beliefs. Katie is one of the people who isn’t afraid to stand up for the things she believes in and her Twitter presence has made it very clear that she is not a fan of President Trump.

3. She Has A Huge Social Media Following

Even before Katie’s name was attached to The Bachelor, she already had a large social media following. On Instagram, she currently has more than 28,000 followers. What’s more impressive though, is her TikTok following. On that platform, she has over 244,000 followers. In the summer of 2020, she gained lots of attention on TikTok for making a video in which she said she would have sex with a ghost.

4. She Isn’t Afraid To Try New Things

Katie is a very adventurous person and she is never afraid to step outside of her comfort zone and try something new. Whether it be traveling to a new location or trying a new activity, Katie is always down. Hopefully, Matt is like this as well or else there could be some serious clashes between the two.

5. She Loves Cats

To some people, the term ‘cat lady’ has a negative connotation, but it’s actually a name that Katie embraces. She loves cats and she isn’t afraid to let the world know. Matt better be a cat person or this is another area where they could find themselves eventually bumping heads.

6. She Loves To Stay Active

Lots of people find it nearly impossible to find the motivation to workout on a regular basis, but Katie doesn’t have that problem. She actually enjoys exercising and working out is a part of her regular routine. She is also a former athlete who played volleyball during her high school days.

7. She Would Love To Be A Talk Show Host

Katie works in marketing at the moment, but she has other plans for her future. According to Bachelor Nation, she wants to eventually host her own talk show. Based on what we’ve seen from Katie so far, she definitely has the personality and energy to be a great talk show host.

8. She May Be Planning On Becoming A YouTuber

Since Katie already has a large social media following, she needs to consistently think of content ideas to keep them entertained. While most of her engagement comes from TikTok at the moment, it looks like she is also planning on getting into YouTube. She already has a channel although she hasn’t uploaded any videos yet.

9. She Enjoys Spending Time Outdoors

The Pacific Northwest is known for its endless natural beauty, and this is one of the things that Katie really appreciates about the area. She loves being outside as much as she can and enjoys a variety of activities including swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, and exploring.

10. She Likes Interacting With Viewers On Social Media

Even though Katie was already really popular on social media, being on the show has obviously gotten her even more attention. So far, it looks like she enjoys engaging with viewers on social media. As the season continues we’ll probably see a lot more fan interactions from Katie, especially on Twitter.

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