In Case You Ever Wanted to Learn to Make a Porg Sushi Display

I don’t know if I’ll ever be inspired enough to make a Porg sushi display but so long as this video is up it should be fairly easy for anyone else to at least try. Despite the mixed reviews of The Last Jedi there have been numerous videos circulating that have to do with the movie. And why not? A lot of people happened to have liked the film no matter how many seem to want to tear it down for some insane reason. Obviously some folks are more than willing to just have fun with the different aspects of it and forego all the naysaying that critics seem to enjoy practicing.

Porgs are the little avian creatures that are seen on the planet of Ahch-To where Luke Skywalker has taken up residence in the eighth episode of the franchise. As creatures go the Porgs aren’t too obtrusive and they don’t take up a whole lot of screen time. But in all honesty they’re kind of the Ewoks of the current era but carefully dialed down so as not to take over too much of the film. Many might say that they’re undeniably cute but others might point out that they weren’t really needed except maybe as a peripheral part of the movie. Of course in some respects the Porgs seem like a bit of a pest-like creature even though they look so innocent. Obviously they’re not shy about moving in where no one invited them since they make their way onto the Millennium Falcon without too much trouble. I bet Chewie just loves finding Porg nests all over the ship.

Anyway, making this little culinary delight isn’t too hard really as most of the dish is rice that’s been firmly packed together and then carefully shaped. As the guy in the film is describing you can purchase all kinds of cookie cutters that can cut out different shapes as you need them. The Porg shape is pretty simple. A big, ovoid body, two small cutouts for the mouth region, two smaller one for the rings around the eyes, and two cross sections of black olive for the eyes themselves. From that point it’s necessary to create and then cut out two wings and pack and wrap them in plastic as well to preserve their shape.

When the time comes to put it all together the wings will need to be coated in black sesame seeds to simulate the look of the Porg’s wings. The main body gets brushed with soy sauce, just enough to color however since you don’t want to risk the rice ball crumbling from being over-saturated. From that point you can put your mouth pieces on, with a thinly cut piece of seaweed to be used as the actual mouth. Then put the eyes on, attach the wings, and for a bit of color sprinkle some sesame seeds, still the black variety, on top of the rice ball to make it all come together. Then you can place the entire construction in a bowl and use carefully cut carrots as the claw-like feet of the Porg. You have now made a Bento Porg, enjoy!

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