This is What a Sequel to The Dark Knight Rises Could Look Like

This is What a Sequel to The Dark Knight Rises Could Look Like

This is What a Sequel to The Dark Knight Rises Could Look Like

As a lover of Batman and The Dark Knight Trilogy, I was always hoping for a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. It was a divisive film, but I for one love it and believe it’s an epic conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. After accomplishing his mission to save Gotham, Bruce Wayne finally found love and chose to retire in peace. It brought a tear to my eye, but that wasn’t the highlight of the film’s ending. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Robin John Blake, inherited the Batcave and it was implied that he was going to continue Bruce’s legacy. Was he going to become Nightwing or just a new Batman? That’s something I wanted to see in a fourth Dark Knight movie, but we sadly never got it. The chances of us getting that fourth movie is slim, but I think it’s a movie that would serve the trilogy well.

The Dark Knight Rises concluded Bruce Wayne’s story, but it set up a new one for a new hero. John Blake was a young and ambitious police officer who was a firm believer in Batman. He grew up an orphan, became a cop, and had some anger issues. Blake was green, but he had a lot of potential. Not only was he able to deduce who Batman really was, but he secretly admired him. Maybe that’s why his legal name turned out to be Robin, instead of just Dick Grayson or Jason Todd or Tim Drake?

Robin John Blake was meant to be an amalgamation of the three main Robins. Much like Dick, he lost his parents as a child and grew up an orphan. He also shared Tim’s intelligence and Jason’s anger issues, as well as Dick’s dedication to the law. Blake was an interesting character, and it was even more interesting to see him take up the mantle as Gotham’s potential new Batman. The only problem is we didn’t get to see it happen. Gotham has always been a cesspool of crime and corruption, even without Batman’s presence. If he’s no longer living in Gotham, then some criminals are sure to take the opportunity to wreak havoc. It really makes for a good set up for the fourth Dark Knight movie, and yes, now would be a good time to make it.

But why now? The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012. It’s been a long time since we saw those characters and it seems like if were going to see them again, we would’ve seen them much sooner. However, I think the long duration is just the advantage the supposed fourth Dark Knight movie needs. Now just imagine seeing Robin John Blake as Nightwing or the new Batman operating in Gotham as a “professional” vigilante and not a rookie. It would certainly be a step up from the last time we saw Blake, considering he was a rookie cop in The Dark Knight Rises. If we already saw him as a rookie cop, then we don’t really need to see him as a rookie Batman.

I can see a fourth movie taking place several years after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, with a much older Bruce still enjoying retirement with Selina Kyle at his side. With his faith in Blake’s ability to protect Gotham, there would be no need to mentor him any further. The point is he doesn’t have to be the main character of the fourth movie, but he can be a supporting one. He had his time as Gotham’s hero, so now it’s time for a new hero to take the stand. A character as dynamic as Blake would make for a fun hero to watch kick some butt in Gotham. Let’s say we fast forward ten years since he inherited the Batcave, and now we have a much more experienced Robin John Blake fighting crime. That’s something I’d like to see, especially if Alfred is there to guide him.

Yes, Alfred can return. He’ll be much older, but his wisdom would remain. Sure, he did his job with Bruce, but now Blake needs his guidance. After all, being the loving father-figure to troubled young men is what he does best. Blake is much like a young Bruce, reflecting his anger and his occasional impulsiveness. He has his negative traits, but has his noble ones too. Alfred would be the one to hone Blake’s noble intentions so that his emotions don’t get the best of him. He could still take his yearly trip to visit Bruce and inform him of his progress.

Now here’s the thing about Gotham. No matter many times Batman took down a criminal, there always seemed to be another to do more damage. Criminals are like weeds in Gotham, but some grow quicker than others. Throughout the Dark Knight trilogy, we saw Batman fight a few of his most notorious villains. The Joker, Bane, Ra’s Al Ghul, villains at the top of the list, and they were awesome. So who exactly can we see next? For me, I’d vote a villain that would fit for the world’s more realistic tone.

The best candidate I can think of is The Riddler. Why him? He’s basically the Jigsaw of comics, and that’s what makes him suitable for a Batman villain. The Riddler doesn’t have any kind of special powers, like many other Batman villains, but unlike the other Batman villains, he pushes Batman to use the best of his detective abilities. Having him appear as a Jigsaw serial killer-like villain who operates behind the shadows would be a great adversary for Blake. He can hold people hostage and force them to solve his riddles or die, and he can do it without even being in the same room. It would be the ultimate test for Blake, as he needed to improve more mentally than physically.

Remember the old rumors when The Riddler was going to be the villain in The Dark Knight Rises? A sequel can make that happen. Guy Pearce or Johnny Depp would be great choices, and I can imagine they would look nothing like Jim Carrey’s version.

So who else would be on board with a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises? Would Joseph Gordon-Levitt really be a great Nightwing/Batman? I liked how the trilogy ended, but there’s always that part of me that wants to see it expanded on. Here’s hoping Christopher Nolan changes his mind.

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